Monday, January 28, 2019

Warren Tries a New Role

By Jesse Mossman
Sun, Jan 27, 2019 8:17 p.m.

We all know the nursery rhyme (well maybe not the current generation of vidiots who know nothing but video games):

Rich Man, Poor Man,
Beggar Man, Thief,
Doctor, Lawyer,
Indian Chief.

Elizabeth Warren was a Lawyer who claimed to be an Indian. Her claim helped her get a job at Harvard and made her a Rich woman (at least compared to most Americans, her Harvard salary was outrageously high--"..when Warren was a professor at Harvard University, she was paid nearly $400,000 to teach a single class.").

Now she is going for Thief. She doesn't just want just high taxes, she wants to actually confiscate (i.e. STEAL) wealth. Of course, the wealth she wants to confiscate starts at a higher figure than her own considerable fortune (14 million dollars?).

I'm sure this sounds like a great idea to all the young socialists who are ignorant of history.

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