Saturday, January 26, 2019

During Martin Luther King Jr. Season, Let Us Praise One of America’s Greatest Heroes, and Condemn One of Her Most Evil Enemies



[I wasn’t in town on MLK day, being trapped in a Northeastern hotel for six nights during the blizzard of ’19, and lacking a computer.

I had my cellphone, which is worthless for writing, and the one hotel pc for guests was hardly better. It would continually shut down and re-boot on its own. I had to write a brief note to my sister twice, because the machine shut down just before I hit send the first time. It also provides no privacy, as it is in the lobby, where anyone passing by can see what one is doing, as opposed to in a separate room, unlike every other hotel I’ve stayed in over the last several years.

I hadn’t planned on writing anything new on King, anyway, but instead linking to previous articles on him.]

Judging by the way the media and academia treat him, and the thousands of streets and schools named after him, his gigantic statue in our nation’s capital, and his being the only American with a national holiday in his honor, Martin Luther King Jr. must be the greatest American who ever lived.

This year’s MLK Day saw the usual encomia, by the Left and the Right, each of whom claimed him as their own.

And truth be told, I wrote a devotional MLK essay in 1994.

Why, then, did I sour on the man, whom I for several years have considered the most destructive figure in American history?

The particular reason is an accident of personal biography. I believe it was when I read my Chronicles managing editor Ted Pappas’ book on King’s plagiaries.

I have a particular hatred for plagiarists, which I believe I developed while in college. I would kill myself writing original term papers, one time even traveling from Stony Brook to Manhattan to do research in the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), and to interview one of the first female rabbis, for a paper on the role of women in different Jewish denominations.

The above-mentioned paper was for a Senior Seminar in Women’s History taught by a then-closet feminist. She and her colleagues gave all their graded papers to an out-of-the-closet feminist named Judy Something, who was too lazy and irresponsible to personally return the papers to their authors. Actually, all of the profs were! Each should have returned her students’ papers during office hours, or via the department secretary.

Instead, Judy put all of the papers in a cardboard box, outside her door, where someone stole them.

But it’s not important that I came to despise King for his plagiarism; there’s so much to hate!

Expressing hatred towards his benefactor, JFK, during the latter’s funeral procession;

Whoring with thousands of women not his wife, while passing himself off as a man of the cloth;

Lying about his beliefs;

Consorting with Communists; and


See also: “Twelve Reasons Why Martin Luther King Day Should be Abolished”; and

“A Thirteenth Reason for Abolishing MLK Day.”

The next part will deal with the other guy.

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Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

"Martin Luther King Jr. must be the greatest American who ever lived."

The greatest HUMAN BEING that has ever lived. Beyond JESUS you ask? It is an open question, isn't it?? At least for some. NOT!

Anonymous said...

Man beat his wife and white prostitutes he consorted with. But he DID win the Nobel Peace Prize, didn't he?