Tuesday, January 29, 2019

How Jussie Smollett is Doing Following Homophobic and Racist Attack (Exclusive)

By "W"
Tue, Jan 29, 2019 7:50 p.m.

"W": The poor guy is "shaken!"

N.S.: This is the hate hoax du jour.

How Jussie Smollett is Doing Following Homophobic and Racist Attack (Exclusive)


Anonymous said...

Jussie is doing just fine now but I hope he is not doing so fine when he gets charged with making a false police report.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx

The Jussie Smollett hoax is eerily reminiscent of a black hate crime hoax we had a few years ago in Portland so I decided to write something of a timeline and anatomy of it. A black student from Africa named Tanguy Muvana who attended Lewis & Clark college claimed several white men beat him and poured some kind of caustic liquid down his throat (same thing Smollett claimed) on the campus. This galvanized the student body and progressive community to rally behind him and denounce the evil white men that did the deed. The local media began to run headlines and it even got mention on some national outlets. Local police leaped to action, as they always do when blacks cry "hate crime", and diligently began to investigate in order to ferret out the evil whiteys. Some problems quickly emerged: They could find no evidence whatsoever that Muvana had been attacked, no cameras picked up the gang of whiteys, he couldn't give the police a description of his attackers, he suffered no injuries and he even stopped cooperating with the investigation soon after it began, claiming he "forgave" his attackers and didn't want to persecute them. Police "suspended" the investigation soon afterward but released no statement regarding whether or not this was a faked hate crime. Sounds like they were ultra sensitive to Mr. Muvana, after all who wouldn't be traumatized after staging a hate crime hoax? He was never charged for filing a false report or held responsible for the costs incurred but that's diversity consideration for you. If a white did something similar I guarantee there's be some consequence. Later on students organized a rally at the school for Mr. Muvana to support him, the actual facts didn't seem to sway their belief he had been attacked. I recall a big article (that unfortunately I can't locate anymore but found another one) that described Mr. Muvana telling the audience not to be afraid of black people, turn to one and give him a big hug.... I noticed in the photos that nearly all the blacks in the audience were men and I'm pretty sure he was looking at the white girls while he was saying that. Below is a series of articles that give us sort of a timeline on how it began and ended:

The original hoax story:


A copy cat story by a transgendered student who claimed to have been (inspired by?) also attacked right after Muvana's phony story. No perps were ever found on this one either.


The college, the progressive community and virtue signalling whites (many who are terrified they will be accused of being racist if they don't jump to heel) rally to support Muvana's lie:


Muvana defiantly stands by his hoax despite the police "suspension" of the investigation:


The school rally in which the students decry the racist police who refused to believe his hoax despite the utter lack of evidence. There was also a lot of moaning about racist Portland by blacks and other "minorities" all the while Muvana implored the white girls to hug the black men, hopefully deciding to give them pity sex because they've suffered such discrimination. Disclaimer: I don't know if that last one actually happened but knowing the extremes black men will go to get white women to have sex with them, I have little doubt that was a big part of what motivated Muvana: