Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fake News and Faux Outrage, as Argentinian Toy Company Sells Black Doll at a Cheaper Price than Its Identical White Counterpart

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

Outrage as Argentina toy company sells black doll at a cheaper price than its identical white counterpart

Toy company causes uproar in Argentina, charges more for a white baby doll than the same black doll | Daily Mail Online

A toy company faces severe backlash after a customer visiting a supermarket in South America noticed that a white baby doll was priced higher than the same black doll. A shocked Argentine client ...

R.C.: Wouldn't there be a greater demand for the black doll than the white doll?

After all both of the toys are dolls, and the black doll is cheaper.

And consumers usually prefer to buy the cheaper version of the same product.

So, I would think there is a greater demand for the black doll?


N.S.: First of all, the store can charge whatever the heck it wants for either doll, and for anything else.

Second, see R.C.'s explanation of Econ 101 above.

Third, there are virtually no blacks in Argentina, which is a white country (with some of the world's most beautiful girls), with over 90% of the populace non-Mestizo white (though some sites devoted to demographics seek to confuse and confound readers, as if it were a "diverse," non-white country; blacks are only 0.4% of the populace). There is likely no demand for black dolls. Thus, the store is trying to get rid of them, so as to avoid taking a complete loss on them.

Thus, this is fake news by the increasingly pc Daily Mail. The DM is generating "outrage," or trying awfully hard to.

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Anonymous said...

"Third, there are virtually no blacks in Argentina, which is a white country"

There it is. In the nutshell. No demand for the dolls so they price the colored dolls lower. But this is a hoax?