Thursday, January 31, 2019

In a Break from Black Hate Crime Hoaxes, We Sadly Inform You of the Real, Brutal Murder of a White Woman, at the Hands of a Black Man

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 2:25:00 P.M. EST

You may have seen the headline about the lovely young blonde nurse found beaten and nearly frozen to death who later died in the hospital. If you read Fox that is, not sure if this has gotten coverage elsewhere. She was kicked and stomped around 40 times to the head and neck. I had that sneaking feeling when I first read about this, and yes it was the usual suspect:

More details are here:


David In TN said...

The murder of Carlie Beaudin has been extensively covered locally, only a little nationally, which is the norm for this type of crime. In a couple of weeks, there will seemingly be a news blackout. In two years or so the trial will take place with coverage by one or two local news outlets.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of interracial crime as is the particular preserve of the negro perpetrator. Security around hospitals has to be tight. The negro criminal and rapist of white women knows that is a good hunting ground during hours of darkness. Kicking and stomping on the head of a person in that manner too indicative of the negro criminal.

Anonymous said...

The bad guy is described as a valet. Perhaps made "advances" toward the woman and was rebuffed? His honor was sullied and he sought revenge.

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought also. My condolences to her family. Another law abiding individual who helped people and made people's lives better, murdered by the scum of the earth. I would not be surprised if he had been released early from prison on similar charges. White Lives Matter, Blue Eyes Matter.