Sunday, July 23, 2017

Two Faces of Racism in Media Coverage of Crown Heights, Brooklyn


"Al Sharpton's legacy lives on and on and on... 25 years after Yankel Rosenbaum" [from 2016]


By Nicholas Stix

I wrote the following item for the Countenance Blogmeister’s friend, Puggg, who is covering until the CB recovers from his injuries, due to a texting driver. However, it ended up running too long for a Sunday Wrap-Up item.

Two different poses of the black, would-be Crown Heights serial rapist. This is the only photo I've seen of the t-shirt that wasn't digitally blurred. A news reader at CBS News yesterday at 8:00 a.m. was the first and only media operative to explain that the language was obscene. And was it, ever! But that information is necessary to catch the perp. In the poses in the center and on the right, the guy looks awfully gay to me.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn: The media have been hitting two racial stories in recent days set in this still predominantly black area that has, however, been gentrifying in recent years.

Not that it was half as poor as the media described it for generations. I had a Hasidic friend who, if memory serves, lived on President Street, where he was the poorest schmuck on the street. This was during the early 1990s, before and after the pogrom. His neighbors, all black, lived in much better, bigger houses than he had. They typically had husband and wife both with highly-paid, high-level, civil service jobs, while he worked for a private, Jewish social service agency, and his wife stayed at home to raise their (then so far) three kids.

The area became notorious for murderous black racism and anti-Semitism in 1991, when blacks engaged in a pogrom against the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidim. A driver on the back end of the procession of the Lubavitchers’ Rebbe (Grand Rabbi) accidentally hit two black children, killing one, little Gavin Cato. Blacks responded by lynching Australian rabbinical student Yankel Rosenbaum, brutally assaulting Jews, and destroying Jewish-owned property.

(The blacks did this because they knew that the Lubavitchers are lovers, not fighters. They would have never dared to do this to the crazy, violent, Romanian-Hungarian Satmar Hasidim in Williamsburg, on the other side of Brooklyn. They’re the guys with the fur-trimmed streimel hats. The Satmarers hate everyone, including their fellow, non-Satmar Jews.)

“Sharpton and the lawyer representing the Cato family counseled them not to cooperate with authorities in the investigation and demanded a special prosecutor...” Note that Sharpton and his shyster ally were demanding the prosecution of a man who had not committed any crime.

Blacks, led by Al Sharpton, acted as if the driver in the tragic accident, Joseph Lifsh, had committed a capital offense. The late newspaper columnist Mike McAlary, who typically triangulated to the left, listed one case after another of blacks who had fatally run down whites without being arrested. (I can’t remember which paper McAlary was writing for at the time, because he was promiscuous, and constantly hopped from one daily to another, contract be damned. He unfortunately died young of cancer.)

Story one: A black man in his twenties recently attempted to rape four different local women. The MSM are all in thrall to feminism, but they are even more in thrall to black supremacism, and so they have all refused to mention that the perp is black.

Australian rabbinical scholar Yankel Rosenbaum was murdered by Lemrick Nelson Jr., after another member of the lynch mob, Charles Price, shouted, "Kill the Jew!," during the Crown Heights pogrom

Racist murderer Lemrick Nelson Jr.

An anti-Semitic, racist, black lynch mob, which included Lemrick Nelson Jr. and Charles Price, used the accidental death of Gavin Cato (above) as a pretext, with which to murder Yankel Rosenbaum, assault countless Hasidim, and destroy Jews' property for days, while Lee Brown and David Dinkins' NYPD stood down

Story two: A white Canadian woman, Becca Brennan, opened an over-priced bistro named Summerhill. I know it’s overpriced, because its online menu mentions only dishes, but no prices. What’s the old saw? “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.”

Racial socialists, whom the media asserts are locals, have posted signs accusing Brennan of being “racist,” “gentrifier,” “colonialist,” and demonstrated in front of her business.

The demonstrators’ pretext for the demos is that Brennan, who calls her restaurant, a “boozy sandwich shop,” has grungy décor that includes holes in the wall that could pass for bullet holes. Some media outlets assert that Brennan has recanted the claim that they are bullet holes, but that’s not at all clear to this observer.

Many of the demonstrators do not appear to be locals, as their floating rationalizations give witness to—they have stayed in character for black supremacists, in changing the definition of “the community” from the neighborhood to all black people.

Marketing photo that black supremacist extortionists claimed offended them, just as they claim everything else offends them

All of the demonstrators are racists, but they do not all appear to have the same motivation. Some appear to be racial extortionists, while others want to shut Brennan down, simply because she is white. The media are glad to help, either way.

The comment section of the Gothamist blog, in which white gentrifiers with racial socialist politics profanely condemn … white gentrifiers, has 340 comments on this story, over 90% of whom curse Brennan.

In a battle between gentrifiers and black supremacists, it’s hard to know whom to hate more. A pox on both their houses!


Anonymous said...

A movie called "LA 92" was broadcast on National Geographic Channel (186 Dishtv)
tonight around 1130pm,lasting until 2am,showing the riots with never before seen video.I caught the last hour.Every so often,the nigs seem to look for an opportunity to get free stuff and destroy what they can't steal.
Also,it was 50 years ago,this week,that the rolling riots of 1967 occurred from coast to coast.In Grand Rapids,OUR riots followed the Detroit riots during July 21st to the 25th.Other riots occurred in other cities before and after ours.I remember as a youngster,my neighbor said he "had a lot of baseball bats for any niggers that came on this side of town."
50 years later...he'd need 5,000 baseball bats minimum.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Lemrick has bulges in his forehead.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Unfortunately he'd also need 5,000 arms to swing those baseball bats, when he's being bum rushed from all sides he might catch one at most before going under. I wouldn't feel safe with anything less than a semi auto gun of some kind. The negroes aren't numerous enough in my city to stage some of the race based large scale riots but they like to roam around in packs, I saw one in front of my brothers house recently, he has two boys almost teenagers now and I hope he moves them away from there. It used to be a nice neighborhood but due to inner city gentrification and low income housing projects being put into place there has been a large influx of negroes and hispanics. My parents moved us there when we were in jr. high to get away from the negroes but then they followed us out to the suburbs. Shootings are common now and a pack attacks by negroes occur regularly, some white kids were playing tennis in a local parks and were attacked by a group of negro "teens", media said nothing of race though racial slurs were slung. I found out about that through the local grapevine, the media barely mentioned the incident much less the racist motivation.

Anonymous said...

Hi N.S...unrelated, but please post as a public service;LYFT driver kidnapped, zip tied and raped passenger.It is on DNA Chicago.Peeps need to be aware of the dangers that lurk even when one thinks it is going to be a safe ride home.

Anonymous said...

And the race of the victims in the rapes or attempted races is?

Maybe we need not ask as we already know?