Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Brutal Murder" of an Old White Lady; Usual Suspect Arrested



Former housekeeper's son accused in Hedwig Village woman's murder

An arrest has been made in the death of a 79-year-old woman who was found brutally murdered in a home in Hedwig Village, officials said.


Anonymous said...

Sociopathic black mothereffer."Never did a worthwhile thing in his life" --is a quote,that could be plastered on most blacks.Quite an epitaph.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Lest we forget....I sent this story before but in light of this new racist atrocity by a negro against an elderly white lady, here it is again: Neven Glen Butler, 18 yr. old serial rapists beat an elderly woman to death on a track who attempted to intervene when he was raping another elderly woman in May of this year.

One after another, black men responsible for the murders and sexual assaults of elderly white (or asian) ladies. When was the last time a white man committed a crime of this nature? I can't remember because it seems like every perp is a black man.

Notice Butler's lawyer, Linda Parisi, a local prominent lawyer who "volunteered" to represent this poor oppressed black man, after all raping and murdering old white women must be very traumatic to him. She's the middle aged blonde woman in the 2nd photo making goo goo eyes with her I mean the suspect, while he's behind bars, looks like she's packed on the pounds in her middle aged years, though was probably pretty attractive in her younger days, there's nothing like a negro or hispanic rape suspect to give a white woman like that the tingles.

Also, referencing the previous story you ran, I tried to find a picture of Lisa A. Grant, the judge who put negro murderer, Bampumim Teixeira, back on the streets and he murdered two doctors, but couldn't find one. Seems odd, I've always been able to find a photo of a sitting judge but there's nothing online for her. I'm going to guess she's another middle aged formerly attractive white woman in the business of protecting negro and hispanic criminals. Maybe I'm wrong but the odds are in my favor.

Anonymous said...

The characteristic signature of the negro assailant, attacking the elderly white. A war crime, part of the dirty war that has been waged against whitey for at least five decades now.

Anonymous said...

Along with 'Black Lives Matter', 'Hands Up Don't Shoot', the most recent Marxist phrase made-up by some academic and pushed - non-stop - by every liberal outlet is:
'Mass Incarceration'.
You hear it all the time, but no one ever gives an explanation for this, other than: 'so many of the young men of our community are incarcerated, out of all proportion to their population'. As if they are there for no reason other than the unjust, malicious, racist-intent of Whites and their Justice system, as if there are no juries deciding trials anywhere.
By focussing on 'our Community', 'the People', as opposed to individual, horrific crime like this one, you remove any 'agency', and responsibility of the criminal from the crime.
And the most taboo fact in this nation has always been - and will always be - the far greater tendency by Blacks to commit violent crime, than any other race.
It happens every day, everywhere, and people 'wonder' why they are subject to 'Mass Incarceration'?

Anonymous said...

Are blacks EXCUSED from their behavior because they're thought of as "dumb animals"--by the liberal elite?
Any answers on that one?
--GR Anonymous