Friday, July 28, 2017

There’s a Medal of Honor Winner, and then There's John McCain... was the Same Man Who Has Betrayed Republican Voters so Many Times Already a Traitor During the War in Vietnam?


A patriot shakes hands with a traitor

By Reader-Researcher RC

“McCloughan answered two more calls for a medic in the field, rescuing both men. Throughout the night, he poured his drinking water on Vaccaro’s stomach to keep his organs from drying out, while giving Nielsen shots of morphine, he said.”

At the Detroit News.

John McCain: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for President

With Sen. John McCain so much in the headlines these days due to his harsh criticism of the foreign policy positions of Donald Trump, a few people suggested that I republish my article from a couple of years ago exploring McCain’s own very doubtful military record.

Given the massive media coverage of rather fanciful allegations that the Russians are blackmailing Trump, perhaps similar resources should be devoted to investigating a much more plausible case of blackmail, and one that is far better documented....

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Anonymous said...

McCain showed that when he needed to be counted on,when his own party needed his vote to defeat a political party that was UNANIMOUSLY opposed to changing
Obamacare--he showed his true allegiance.To the Democrats.To the globalists.He also showed that(as I predicted)he would nail Trump whenever he could,politically.This was McCain's Revenge.
For a while I wondered what was wrong with McCain's thinking.Then the brain tumor diagnosis came out.
Makes sense to me now.
--GR Anonymous