Saturday, July 15, 2017

Racist Activists Bully WalMart into Killing Adorable Onesie



By Reader-Researcher RC

Walmart Canada Will Remove “Racist” Onesie from Shelves Following Outcry

"Walmart Canada has apologized and says they will pull a baby onesie that many considered offensive from store shelves. “I Still Live With My Parents ..."

But is it true?


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
My paternal grandfather was Native American (mixed with Scottish) and was raised in a North Dakota reservation but I can tell you right now that's exactly the kind of shirt he and his brothers and sisters would have worn. They would have laughed and not taken it seriously, mainly because my relatives were all bright and talented people who had great senses of humor and didn't wallow in self pity. I have to wonder how many people that complained are actually Native American, more likely it's liberal whites with guilt complexes.

Anonymous said...

That flopped as badly as the, "I HAVE NO IDEA WHO MY FATHER IS" onesie.

Anonymous said...

If it had a trailer on it instead of a teepee, I'd bet you'd be pissing and moaning too?