Sunday, July 16, 2017

The “R” Word: Even the MSM Called What 30-45 Raceless Juveniles and Adults did in Killeen, Texas, on Saturday, a “Riot”

By A Texas Reader

Mall riot in Killeen leads to eight arrests

Police there say 30-45 juveniles and adults were involved in the latest example of what is becoming a trending crime.

New video has surfaced of a mall fight Saturday in Killeen that led to eight people facing riot charges, with one of those also facing a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.


Anonymous said...

Grand Rapids ghetto activity ramped up this weekend,possibly all related to each other.
Friday night,a nig was grazed in the head 7 blocks from my house.No one was talking of course.
Saturday,a nig was shot and killed in Eastown's area--the other side of town."Wonderful boy",said his family.
Tonight at 9pm,in the same general area as Friday nights grazing,a car drove up to a house where two nigs were on the porch.Bullets were pumped into one of them--police say the head and chest--and the car sped off.This nig is in critical condition.
Neighbors that WOODTV talked to said,"There has been gunfire here the last couple days,but no one shot."
Tonight took care of that.Why any whites would live in those areas at all,is a mystery.They won't be for long--and that's part of how blacks take over neighborhoodz.Who in their right minds want to live like blacks do--if you're white?
In related news,Mayor Bliss and the city,approved tax breaks for more "low income" apartments to be constructed on Alpine st--a horrible ghetto area already.
The problem is not that we lack for crappy apartments on the West Side--we have too MANY!!!I know for a fact that if massive bulldozing(like Detroit) and rebuilding of new $200,000 houses were to take place--the ghetto problem would be solved.Price the blacks out--the only solution imho.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Killeen. Ft. Hood Texas. Gangs at the fort too maybe? Normally military brats are somewhat well behaved compared to their peers.

Truth-hammer said...

Killeen is filled with spooks. I know. I never pay attention to the local news though. Killeen is just a dusty, run-down G.I. town filled with spooks, spics, and other colored mystery-meat.