Sunday, July 23, 2017

If You're a Black Serial Rapist, You Have Friends at WPIX News!

By Nicholas Stix

For women in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, life is even more dangerous than usual, what with a black serial rapist on the loose, who has so far raped or attempted to rape four females. (According to the story, one victim fought him off with mace.) For the rapist, however, things are peachy keen, because he has supporters at WPIX News (Channel 11), and probably at other MSM outfits.

The local news broadcast, which followed the Mets’ game tonight, led off with a story about the rapist by black reporter Myles Miller. So far, so good. (When blacks are crime victims, black reporters must cover the story; when blacks are perps, black reporters must cover the story—‘heads we win, tails you lose.’)

But the report refused to give a proper description of the perp, even though he was clearly caught on video by a closed circuit TV system, from a local store.

Members of the Society for the Protection and Encouragement of Colored Criminals (SPECC) will counter, ‘But you could see that he was black from the video.’

So, what? When a white man is a serial rapist, the media give a complete description, in addition to the video. When a white cop kills a black, the MSM constantly emphasize the respective races of the shooter and the shot, and prejudice the case by referring the deceased as “the victim,” which is false. The MSM seek thereby to help railroad the white cop.

Legally speaking, only if the cop is convicted of killing the decedent is the latter a “victim.” Even then, that is not necessarily the case, such as in the Walter Scott-Michael Slager case. Otherwise, the cop (or cop-surrogate) is often the victim. (E.g., George Zimmerman and Officer Darren Wilson were the victims of racist, black, would-be murderers Trayvon Zimmerman and Mike Brown, respectively.)

Besides which, what if you were only listening, when the description was broadcast? (MSM radio news outlets are typically just as bad.)

As far as I heard, the description WPIX News news reader Kaity Tong broadcast of the black Crown Heights rapist was merely that he was 6’2.”

WPIX News went beyond being “passive” accomplices, to being active accomplices. The perp was wearing a colored t-shirt with a great deal of text. In one video, he was walking topless, with his underwear pulled way above his shorts (like most black New York males under the age of 40), and his bunched up t-shirt in his hands. In another video, however, he had his t-shirt on. The shirt was black or dark, with an extensive white or yellow statement. WPIX News deliberately scrambled the words, so that they were completely blurred.

Tong gave no explanation for the blurring, e.g., that the words were expletives. Since WPIX News, like all MSM operations, is a SPECC member in good standing, and followed SPECC’s practice of withholding the perp’s most important descriptive characteristic, I’m going to take a wild shot, and say it blurred the shirt’s text, in order to aid and abet the black serial rapist.

Oddly enough, Tong read aloud that the black serial rapist is believed to live in Westchester. That would require that police had given the station quite a bit of additional information, but no explanation is given.

Let’s review the information.

According to WPIX News, the perp is:

• 6’2”; and
• May live in Westchester.

According to the videotape, the perp is:

• A man, app. 22-35 years of age;
• Black;
• App. 6’2”;
• App. 200 lbs.; and
• Has a full head of hair.

According to his four known vics, the perp is:

• 6’2”;
• App. 200 lbs.;
• Has a full head of hair;
• May have all sorts of identifying marks (if any of them got a good look);
• Has a distinctive speech pattern (they all would have heard him speak); and
• May live in Westchester.

Well, he’s only raped four three females so far, and better that a million black rapists go free, than that one innocent one be falsely charged, right? Because slavery. Because Jim Crow. Because the Racial Profiling Hoax. Because the Duke Lacrosse “Scandal.” Because, because, because.



Anonymous said...

Black favored media must not want black criminals caught.No description,so less of a chance to be turned in by the public.
As I've written before,these "news outlets" are not performing their public duties of protecting the local citizens,by cloaking the (black,Mex,Arab)race of the perps.
Not everyone knows the system of when the outlet excludes the race,he's black!!!
What's next?No sex description either?Too discriminatory?Or maybe the announcers will just play charades--and the viewers will have to guess who this wanted person is by hand stupid philosophy--and these TV stations that don't provide proper information about dangerous criminals--because of political leanings--should have their broadcast license taken away (or not renewed).
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I always, and rarely am I wrong, automatically know when the race is not called the slimeball is black.