Monday, June 05, 2017

Did Houston Police Finger Jared Kushner as a Murder Suspect?


He certainly has a light complexion

By A Texas Reader

The first suspected gunman is described as having a light complexion, smooth cut afro, baby-ish face and was wearing a pink or orange t-shirt. Police say the second suspect has a dark complexion, a black and curly twist hairstyle.

Crying infant found alone with murdered parents in ...
A baby girl was found crying next to the bodies of her parents, who were found murdered in their southwest Houston apartment complex. Children's Protective Services ...

ATR: Descriptions of perps say a lot.



Anonymous said...

jerry p
Our local "news"paper, The Oregonian, as policy will not report race unless there is a critical need to report it, i.e. life threatening, though they regularly ignore their own policy by not reporting race when violent dangerous negroes have committed some heinous act, so descriptions always fit that generic profile, making them essentially useless. The reasoning is that race is so indeterminate that witness identification is not reliable. What a load of BS, witnesses can be wrong about all sorts of things: Age, gender, hair/eye color, clothing and even about the events they are describing. I would argue that race is on of the more easily identifiable and reliable things a witness could report on. The Big O is being disingenuous, they refuse to mention race simply to camouflage the enormous disproportion of negro crime. The Big O now regularly deletes comments that call them out on their PC hypocrisy.

Using the Oregonian's guidelines (as with most MSM outlets nowadays), crime reporting should just be: "Somebody did something somewhere, no details available because witnesses might be wrong about something".

As for this story, I'm sure some negro would say: At least the brother didn't kill the kid, that's what whitey's do. False of course, and here's a story that just appeared that helps prove it:
This one at least had a good ending, negro attempted child killer Leland Foster was shot and killed before he was able to murder his own twin babies, Cash Freeman, the man who shot him, was white. No word on what will happen to Mr. Freeman for his heroic act, hopefully no charges will be filed against him, I doubt that will happen, since there were two children in danger that should overrule the diversity consideration that black murderers often receive.

Anonymous said...

Black Batchelorette Sinks in Ratings.
Gary Levin | USA TODAY
Updated 11:54 a.m. ET June 1, 2017
Less engaged. ABC's first African-American Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, drew 5.7 million same-day viewers to Monday's season premiere, the lowest-rated opener yet, and down from 6.6 million last summer.
GRA: Who,in their right minds--black or white,would want to watch this?I consider this another social experiment by ABC (All Black Crap)to see how much black oriented garbage white America will swallow.
On the other hand,would blacks(and black women specifically) want to watch a black woman throw themselves at a white guy,when they have to be pis*ed that their black men keep leaving them for white women.Quite a conundrum,wouldn't you think?I believe it alienates both races--hence the drop in ratings.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

They had a workplace related multi-murder story leading off todays NNN.How did I know the perp was white?Lesta led with it and it was work related--which excludes the blacks.

David In TN said...

Some years ago, the idiot Catherine Crier had a daily Court TV show. One day there was a story about a serial rapist in the Houston area targeting young white men. There was a composite drawing showing a light-skinned black male. Crier said the raceless assailant had a "light complexion and short hair."

The rapist, one Keith Chester Hill, was eventually convicted on DNA evidence. He was indeed a light-skinned black male.

Anonymous said...

I can drive down a street and see someone walking on the sidewalk--ahead of me--and know if it's a black or white 98% of the time.
You can also tell voice,vocabulary (in print)and actions.
Watch football.The difference between a black scoring a TD and a white is easy.
Many other examples.You don't need skin color to tell the races apart.