Monday, June 26, 2017

The High Cost of Tourism for Americans: Alabama Man Remains in Serious Condition at a Florida Hospital After He was Robbed at Gunpoint and Shot Early Friday While Vacationing with His Family in Turks and Caicos

By Reader-Researcher RC

American tourist robbed, shot in Turks and Caicos is medically evacuated to US

An Alabama man remains in serious condition at a Florida hospital after he was robbed at gunpoint and shot early Friday while vacationing with his family in Turks and Caicos, police said. The injured tourist, identified as Keven Newman of Alabama, was transported to a local hospital, but had to be...


Anonymous said...

American Virgin Island for a while was very bad. Killer negro elite was going around murdering whitey tourists. They got the gang of them but the ring leader served only a slight sentence relative to the enormity of the crimes.

Anonymous said...

Young American whitey women getting raped on the cruise ships is quite common too. Woman goes to a bar on the ship, is given a spiked mixed drink, wakes up the next morning laying naked in her cabin with expended condoms all over the place.