Thursday, June 29, 2017

CNN Operative Jim Acosta Lies about Presidential “Tapes”

By Nicholas Stix

Last night, on Anderson Cooper 360, activist Acosta lied to Cooper, telling him of the President, “Those tapes that he talked about having.”

(I watched a repeat of the episode, at 12:00 midnight, today.)

President Trump never “talked about having any tapes.” He bluffed James Comey, who had committed numerous felonies, in supporting the putsch against President Trump, crime about which neither Jim Acosta, nor his fellow CNN activists have ever to my knowledge mentioned.

I have heard several people on CNN’s payroll repeat this lie on the air in recent weeks.

Here’s Trump’s tweet on the matter, which is what Acosta was referring to:

(It seems like many months ago!)
Acosta lied.

A little context: I have treated Jim Acosta better than just about everyone else, among non-seditious, non-treasonous observers and journalists. When patriots condemned him for aggressively trying to get President Trump to answer his questions at the famous, January 11 press conference in which the President refused to answer him, telling Acosta, “You are fake news,” I did not join the anti-Acosta chorus. I knew, as a journalist, that one has to be aggressive and obnoxious, in order to get the job done.

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