Sunday, June 18, 2017

Breaking News: “Terrorist” Attack Outside of England’s Most Radical Mosque, in Finsbury Park, London During Ramadam, Leaves Several Wounded and One Dead, so Far; Muslims Assume Casualties are All Moslem, Attacker Non-Moslem, and thus that Attack was “100%” Terrorism; CNN and Moslem Allies are in “Frontlash” Mode

By Nicholas Stix

We’ve been watching this story for about 30 minutes. At first, the CNN host, Ana Cabrera, was interviewing a British national at length, named Cynthia Vanzella, whom the chryon falsely identified as a “witness” (“WITNESSED LONDON INCIDENT”).

It soon became evident that Vanzella had witnessed nothing. She had heard a commotion down the street. From her apartment window, she could not even identify the sex of the presumed attacker, but admitted that she saw a video shot after the incident, and was able to identify a man being shoved by the crowd that had formed, towards the police, who took him into custody.

Cabrera: “Again, that was witness Cynthia Vanzella, who was near the attack in London, and who saw people who were in a panic.”

I also did not hear Vanzella say that people were in a “panic”; that was Ana Cabrera’s editorializing.

Ana Cabrera also interviewed other fake witnesses, like a (young?) female, “Rayan,” who said she’d been inside the mosque. Cabrera had to remind the woman that one of her friends was supposedly one of the wounded.

When Cabrera asked “Rayan” if she thought the attack was “terrorism,” the latter replied, “100%.”

Cabrera repeatedly spoke with terrorist propagandist, Aslahan Iftikhar, who was certain this was an act of terrorism, and who lied, with the dog-eared assertion that if the attacker had been Moslem, police would have immediately called the attack, “terrorism,” which just happened to be the opposite of the truth.

If anything, that police have not identified the suspect, and (Cabrera) “have not called this a terrorist act,” suggest if anything that the attacker is a Moslem. When a terrorist act is committed by a white man, the authorities divulge that fact very quickly.

Aslahan Iftikhar continued, “It is an act of terrorism when anyone tries to kill a large group of people,” regardless of the ethnicity or religion of the attacker.

Rayan: “He tried to kill a lot of people, so obviously it was a terrorist act.”

Cabrera: “So, you believe Muslims were targeted?”

Rayan: “100%.”

“Muslim Council of Britain says vics were leaving mosque.”

CNN National Security Analyst Peter Berger,” was so used to denying the obvious about terrorist attacks that he started out with weasel words—“If indeed it was terrorism”—before switching to, “And there’s very doubt in my mind that it was terrorism.”

In between, Berger mentioned that Finsbury Park mosque “has long attracted Islamists,” but sought to use that fact in support of terrorists (aka Moslems).

Berger: “Terrorism can come from many different directions:” left, right, “neo-Nazis, anti-Immigrant activists.”

Berger offered no examples of terrorism from “neo-Nazis, anti-Immigrant activists,” and did not even mention Islam as a source of terrorism.

Aslahan Iftikhar: “If the driver of the van were Muslim, there can be little doubt that act would have been called terrorism.”

Iftikhar cited I believe two attacks on Moslems, to make the specious argument that there has been widespread terrorism against them.

Then we heard the voice of “Juliette Kayyem, Former Assistant Secretary, Homeland Security Department” (who used to promote herself as “Security Mom”):

“Police are being very quiet about this targeted attack against the Muslim community.”

“Police must harden” targets such as mosques.

Kayyem then tries to make “Christians in America” sympathize with Moslems in Britain, by citing a mass murder that had whatsoever to do with religion: “The church attack in South Carolina, targeting parishioners.”

That was the Dylan Roof attack, which had nothing at all to do with religion, and everything to do with race.

Kayyem got even nuttier:

Either England or London is the “center for the kind of diversity many nations wish they could have.”

While I was watching, CNN activist Ana Cabrera only interviewed Moslems and pro-Moslem activists and “witnesses.” Neither she nor anyone she spoke with mentioned that the method of this attack is from the jihad playbook, nor that Moslems commit terrorist attacks on other Moslems all the time, nor that they also commit false flag actions all the time. Finally, no one mentioned that the police’s reticence at ID’ing the suspect suggests that he was not white.


Anonymous said...

I know this is going to be controversial to say,but doesn't it come to a point where people just don't
want to take it anymore?
A white man,using the same method as the Isis groups,to go after Muslims--is sending a message that "These attacks on Westerners--by Muslim radicals--have got to stop--or it can happen the other way as well."
Prime Minister May says,"This is disgusting."But is it?
Yes and no.Yes,that these attacks by Muslims are happening all over Europe and the US,with no response or solution by ANYONE!
No,because although it's horrible,that innocent people are injured by someone who has had enough,and has seen enough to be pushed (in his mind)to counterattack,what are the alternatives to making a political and physical point?
The point is:"Stop attacking innocent Christians or someone,somewhere may attack you."
Not that the Islamic terrorists will listen one iota.In fact,they love the war and counter violence.Just look at Syria--they're only happy when at war.
I'm not condoning anything by the way.I'm just explaining,I understand the reason the white man did what he did.
Frustration at his city constantly being under attack.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Add Joy Reid to the Scott Pelley stupidity.FOX's Tucker Carlson played some clips tonight of Reid describing Steve Scalise's political views and associations with some groups as racist.
Pelley's clip was also played.Pelley is a coward.He waited until he got canned to let out his extremism.Oh,I knew he hated Trump,but to condone the Congressional shootings in any way,shape or form--and saying so on a national television forum,is worthy of termination.No,he goes to 60 minutes--unpunished.
Reid also keeps her job(racist ranter and liar).
--GR Anonymous