Thursday, June 15, 2017

CNN Activist Gloria Borger on “Leadership”

By Nicholas Stix

During tonight's Anderson Cooper’s CNN show, during or just after the House baseball game, CNN activist Gloria Borger (sometimes referred to as “Berger”) called for Congress and the President to show “leadership” in their respective rhetoric, so as to stanch political violence.

Borger somehow forgot the worst offender, when it comes to inciting political violence: The racial-socialist MSM, which includes news and entertainment media, and Gloria Borger, in particular.

As soon as Donald Trump won election as America’s 45th president, Borger began referring to him as “delusional.”

That conduct on Berger’s part was, in retrospect, clearly part of a seditious media conspiracy, a putsch, to topple President Trump.

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Anonymous said...

AWhat my remote control landed on for a few seconds tonight:
6:30pm:Negro Nightly News.Well that didn't take long for the anti-Trump rhetoric to start up again after the assassination attempts.
"NBC Negro Nightly News has confirmed that Donald Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice by Robert Mueller."
Side note:Yesterday,while Lesta Holt interviewed people,who gave reasons why a leftist maniac shot Steve Scalise,something was omitted.
"Heightened verbal attacks,hateful discourse between the two political parties etc etc."
And Lesta stood there nodding his head.But they either edited out or would not allow anyone to blame Lesta himself!!!I would have voted for that person for president if someone said,"Shit Lesta--it's 90% YOUR FAULT."
In fact,none of the discourse I saw ANYWHERE on ANY network (but FOX),mentioned the media's role in the crazy Hodgkinson's mental state.Elephant in the room?Elephant sh*t,is more like it--it stunk so much.
I'm sure there was a meeting before Anderson Pooper's show on CNN:"Uh,we're not going to go into any in depth reasons for this,right?"
"You mean take partial or full responsibility for the shooting--hahaha.Of course not.That would be real news--not fake.Blame facebook,the mental health system,the gun lobby.The usuals,fu*k no--not us."
Anyone see these networks own up to riling up their base on a nightly basis?
9:00pm,The Five:They showed Nancy Pelosi blaming Republicans for starting all this years ago with Clinton.In 36 hrs,the war was officially back on.
1130pm:Late Show.My excuse for having it on was,I lost track of the time and channel.
Anyways,Colbert's first line on the show.
"Today,the President of the United States was confirmed to be under investigation for obstruction of justice."
The crowd gave a standing ovation.
Colbert brings out the star of "This is Us",a multiracial show that Colbert loves (of course).They show a clip,of the white character--in a gym full of black guys.He is the only white amongst 50 blacks.The white guy has a black son. (I believe his white wife had the kid previously or whatever)The little burrhead is literally on this white guys back,while the lead black of this group is ordering him to do pushups.
"Are you willing to carry your son through life under any circumstances?Do the pushups",the black guy says.
Okay,we all know that black guys are EXPERTS in raising kids,how well they stick image to the public is pure bullshit.At the end of the scene,the white wife is shown sitting on a chair watching this--and smiling.
Fade to Colbert."That scene gets me very emotional"
It does to me too,but not for the same reason.
My night of lousy TV (with some baseball mixed in).
--GR Anonymous