Monday, November 28, 2016

WRTV6/The Indy Channel Paints Crime Victim as Murderer!


Roshun Johnson: Portrait of the Felon as a Young Man


By Nicholas Stix

Yesterday, there was sweet justice in Indianapolis, as black, 15-year-old armed robber, Roshun Johnson, used a computer app to lure a victim to a home in an apparently predominantly white neighborhood, and commenced to rob the man, who then turned the tables on the young thug, and shot him dead. And yet, at least three operatives at WRTV6/The Indy Channel are depicting the crime victim as a murderer, and the perp as a victim.

“Reporter” Liz Adeola and “digital producer” Victoria T. Davis @Victoria08Davis, both black, and a white female “reporter,” whose identity I have been unable to determine, all used language that reversed the roles of criminal perp and victim.

Liz Adeola, in her video, spoke of “the man admitting that he shot the teen” to police, emphasizing “admitting,” as if he were confessing to a crime.

Adeola also asserted “[police] said the man was lured here by a phone app.”

Phone apps don’t lure anyone. A person, presumably Roshun Johnson, lured the vic to the home, using the app.

[In what follows, all emphases by me.]

A second “reporter,” the white woman, asserted, “Police say it all started with a fight between Roshun and the eventual shooter.”

When did an armed robbery become “a fight”?

Adeola: “Police say it all started with a fight between Roshun and the eventual shooter. Who police say was lured here by a phone app. Roshun pulled out a gun, but the suspect shot first.”

“Shooter” and “suspect” are euphemisms for perp. But Roshun Johnson was the perp.

In Victoria T. Davis’ version, she wrote,
“Detectives said five to six teens were having a sleepover at the home when a person not associated with the group came up to the house and shot Johnson before leaving the scene.

[This makes it sound like the vic was an assassin!]

There was one adult in the home sleeping during the time of the incident, police said.

Detectives believe the suspect was lured to the home using a phone app. Police say Johnson pulled out a gun and threatened the suspect.
Once Johnson started to search the suspect, the suspect fired shots, according to police.

[“Search”: Johnson didn’t begin to “search the suspect,” he began to rob the victim! Police or security guards search a suspect.]

A motive for the shooting has not been discovered by police, but the other teens in the home were questioned.

[Of course, police discovered a motive for the shooting—self-defense!]

Johnson was one of three people shot and killed on Sunday.
Victoria T. Davis is treating Roshun Davis, as if he were a murder victim.

Davis used the word “suspect” no fewer than six times in a brief story, to describe the victim, and there were three other instances of its use on the same page, for other stories on the same incident.

The three female WRTV6/The Indy Channel operatives are trying to railroad a crime victim. And that they would do that, tells me that the vic is white. They wouldn’t knowingly do that to a black man.

Note that although the white female operative was also bad, she was nowhere near as bad as her black colleagues. She at least showed some white neighbors talking about the criminality that was routine at the house in question, which was clearly supported by the adults (parents?) that lived there. One middle-aged white man said that the teenagers would fire .22s in the backyard, and an elderly white lady said, “Something must go on, to have the police called every day.”

The WRTV6/The Indy Channel operatives had no interest in investigating the background of the dead perp, his connection to the home, his criminal associates, or the people who owned or rented the home.

Postscript, Saturday, December 3, 2016: A Website, Gun Memorial, falsely claims that Roshun Johnson was “lost to gun violence,” as opposed to having died committing gun violence.


Anonymous said...

“Police say it all started with a fight between Roshun and the eventual shooter.

This is the explanation always given. They had a dispute, an argument, an exchange of words, a verbal exchange, etc.

Anonymous said...

Bizarre incident the negress called it. NOT bizarre. The colored kid tried to rob someone and was killed in the process. NOT bizarre.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Blacks aren't called didndunutin for nothing. The "teen" learns fast how to rob, use an obamaphone, and an ap. If you are old enough to rob then you are old enough to die for it. I don't believe anything I see or hear on TV, not even the weather "report". When blacks report or females of any sort are "reporting" I think affirmative action.