Monday, November 14, 2016

The Murder's on the House! In Newest Case of Affirmative Action Justice in New York City, Matthew Smith, the Black Sucker-Punch Killer of Old White Man Patrick Gorman was Already an Ex-Con, but He Gets a Free Murder!


Murder victim Patrick Gorman: The New York Post article below neither published a photo of Gorman, nor did it give any information about his killer’s criminal history


By Nicholas Stix

No “felonious intent”? If killer Matthew Smith were a white man, and his victim a member of an unconstitutionally “protected class,” he’d have been charged with at least Murder Two, as well as a “hate crime.”

A man doesn’t wake up one morning, and only discover that he has a deadly punch when he kills a man with one blow. Unless you grow up comfortably middle-class or better, have a mild personality, and never have a fight, you learn very early what sort of a punch you have. Since Matthew Smith is clearly a violent man, he would have learned as a child that he has a powerful punch, regardless of his social class. Plus, he showed depraved indifference toward his victim, when he sucker-punched the 64-year-old man, planted him, and saw that the man could not get up again.

But it looks like no justice will be meted out to Smith.

The killer’s white, Eastern European girlfriend (whom he has since married) is already playing the race card, asserting that the victim was to blame, and had called his eventual killer the n-word. The killer bragged on Facebook about what he’d done. The Post "reporters" also had no curiosity as to the girlfriend's citizenship status. The killer may have married her, in order to protect that status.

Man who fatally punched stranger surrenders
By Amanda Woods and Kevin Sheehan
November 8, 2016 | 8:20am | Updated
New York Post

Brutal sucker-punch leads to man’s death

The man who allegedly fatally sucker-punched a stranger in Queens was arraigned on just an assault charge Tuesday after a count of criminally negligent homicide was dropped by prosecutors, officials said.

Matthew Smith, 42, who turned himself in at the 75th Precinct stationhouse in East New York on Monday, originally was slapped with both counts — but on Tuesday he faced only a charge of assault with intent to cause physical injury.

The attack on Gorman is colloquially known as a “one punch homicide.” In most instances, there is no proof of any felonious intent, according to the Queens DA’s office.

At most, a prosecutor can charge assault in the third degree, a misdemeanor, which requires only the intent to cause physical injury, the office noted, as it explained why the homicide charge was dropped before Smith’s court appearance.

Patrick Gorman was walking near Queens Boulevard and Main Street in Briarwood when he [allegedly; maybe she bumped into him] bumped into Smith’s 39-year-old girlfriend, Elena Makarova, just after midnight on June 26, police sources said.

“Excuse me,” said Gorman, 64, before Smith belted him in the face, sources said.

Surveillance video shows Smith punching Gorman, who is seen falling squarely on his back as the duo calmly amble off.

Gorman tried to get back on his feet, then collapsed. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he died the next morning, police said.
The city medical examiner ruled Gorman’s death a homicide late last month.
Smith’s lawyer, Michael Wilson, defended his client at the arraignment.

Matthew Smith and Elena Makarova Photo: Facebook

“My client has only one prior conviction of which he received five years’ probation, which he completed to such satisfaction that he was granted early discharge,” he said.

“Also, your honor, he’s been charged with an ‘A misdemeanor.’ This is not a homicide. The people are alleging that a single punch killed this man? I don’t think they will be able to charge him with murder. We believe this case will remain assault in the third degree. The defendant has been accepted into the supervised release program and we ask that he’d be allowed to be participate in the supervised release program.”

On Sunday, Makarova, who has not been arrested, also came to her man’s defense on social media.

“Tmes and so relevant!!!,” she cryptically posted. “I love you hunny. Hold ur head! It’s so ignorant of people to jut read the papers and take it as if God talking!!! Nobody shows the footage where this man pushed me, curse me out, called matt n/$$@…I’m not feeding into this s—. All I can say is get ur facts straight!”

Smith was held on $10,000 bail, cash or bond. His next court date is set for Nov. 22.


"Matthew Smith appears at his arraignment on Nov. 8"


Anonymous said...

Killing a person by criminal act even without intent is not 3rd degree murder in New York. Intent is normally not required. Just that an action was taken that resulted in the death of another person.

This devil is also by his prior conviction demonstrably in the habit of committing crimes and also gets off very easy.

The victim under New York law is a senior citizen? Normally such crimes against a senior call for three times the amount of punishment.

Anonymous said...

Pundits will wondee WHY Don won the Presidency. Here is proof perfect.

Get the man under civil rights violations too. Federal offense. He prevented Mr. Gorman from returning to his place of residence. A violation of the Equal Housing Act.

Anonymous said...

Devil!! Soul-less. Human monster. So many of them. THEM.

Anonymous said...

Have the governor of New York appoint a special prosecutor and charge the man with 2nd degree murder with the proviso that this be charged as an aggravated offense with the possibility of three times the normal punishment for killing a senior. Like they did to Zimmerman in FLA. Then offer the bum a plea bargain and see if he takes it.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why Donald won. Here in the nutshell is one reason among many.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx

Conrad Barrett, a white man who sucker punched an elderly black man was charged with a federal hate crime and sentenced to 6 yrs. in prison.
It's one of the rare instances of a white playing the knockout game but the media gave that incident more publicity alone than the multitude of knockout attacks by blacks on whites.

Here is the youtube video of Matthew Smith murdering Patrick Gorman. Afterwards Smith and his girlfriend walk casually away. She claims he bumped into her, cursed her and called Smith the N word. I don't believe it though, she's just playing the "He called me nigger" card to defend her murdering boyfriend, she's just as evil as he is. The video only shows the punch after they rounded a corner so we don't see what happened before and there's no audio. Doesn't matter though, white women who like black men typically defend their violent racist behavior, if not enable and encourage it. IMHO, they're even worse than black women.

Anonymous said...

That was murder.Period.Cause and effect.The blacks punch caused the effect of the mans death.Unnecessarily.You can't believe the witness (his GF).She's a brainwashed white and will pull the race card and lie--as if they were black themselves.That's what happens when white women associate with black guys.

jeigheff said...

Matthew Smith probably has little use for God's word and book-learning in general. But he might be interested to know that the Bible tells us that murderers won't be inheriting the kingdom of God.

It doesn't matter to Smith . . . for now. It will.

Anonymous said...

"Conrad Barrett, a white man who sucker punched an elderly black man was charged with a federal hate crime and sentenced to 6 yrs. in prison."

The negro man did not even die. Was punched but did not die. And the perp got six years but the villain in New York will get far less for KILLING A MAN.


Anonymous said...

"Charged with assault with intent to cause injury." Wow! Marvelously worded. Just marvelous. That within its self should get him off Scott free.
I have also read that this is called the knockout game. Only in this country would aggregated assault resulting in death to the victim or at least unconsciousness would it be called a game in the media.

skaizun said...

I can't believe that they dropped the murder charge on this animal, who has a prior conviction. No wonder criminals think they can get away with murder. It's because they can.