Thursday, November 24, 2016

Two Photos, One Racial Supremacist, Career Criminal: ID the Mope!

I’m posting a non-Twitter-hosted photo of the above Twit, just in case.

Steve Bannon and Al Sharpton (cited for Google's sake)


Anonymous said...

Does AIDS Sharpton still owe $5 mill to the IRS? Let me guess.

Anonymous said...

Al is indeed an evil man and takes a delight in being so. I was surprised [probably should not have been but was] that Al made three dozen or so trips to the White House to visit with Obama. I would like to think that Al got a stern lecture from the President on proper behavior but I somehow doubt it.

Anonymous said...

AIDS? That is what it looks like to me too. Bill Clinton the same way.

Anonymous said...

Also take a look at Slim Barry.