Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Michelle Obama’s Problem


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
There's been a blitzkrieg of "hate crime" news yet somehow the MSM is able to sift through the reports and weed out any discordant notes that might disrupt the PC narrative. We just had one in my hometown but you'd have to live here to know about it because this one isn't going national. Guaranteed.
A couple of days ago a car filled with negroes was trying to cross a bridge but were stopped by anti Trump protesters, an argument ensued and one of the passengers, a black 18 yr. old named Shamar Hunter pulled a gun and shot one of the protesters in the leg, another passenger, a 14 yr. old was also arrested. The name of the protesters that got shot was: Louis Carlos Paredes-Luis. Yes, clearly a latino name.

Yes folks, those are the details and it's exactly the kind of story the media would have loved to feed into the race hysteria hype machine, except the players in this little act were of the wrong race.

It couldn't spin negroes shooting a latino Trump protester into violent pro Trump right wingnuts, but we know damn well and good if it had been white shooters and black (or latino) protesters getting shot, that's exactly what would have happened. There would be a firestorm over this shooting with the media orchestrating the hysteria to a fever pitch. Instead, there is nothing except a few wimpy local mentions.

This is actually profiling by the media, they see black faces and assume they couldn't possibly be Trump supporters. How do they know that? Isn't that the kind of thinking that's considered "racist"?

Of note: Our local "news"paper The Oregonian quickly shut off comments after about 150 or so had been posted. Their policy is to cut off comments if they get too "toxic", which actually means: Comments that are too revealing of their lies and hypocrisies.

Anonymous said...

An immigrant is taking the job of Michelle. An immigrant who did things the right way, the correct way, the legal way.