Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mother of Persecuted, White, Cincinnati Policeman Ray Tensing Writes to Journalist to Thank Him for Fair Coverage

By Nicholas Stix

I apologize to Mrs. Amy Tensing. She sent me the following letter on November 6, 2015. I set it up to post as a blog item, but lost the file in a meltdown, and forgot to hunt down her letter again. Her son’s (first?) murder trial ended in a mistrial yesterday. Let us hope he gets acquitted, next time around or, what is more likely, that he keeps getting hung juries, since it is unlikely that black jurors will vote to acquit him.

[Re: Ray Tensing article dated 8/16/15: “War Against Police (contd.): Is Cincinnati Prosecutor Joe Deters Another Mike Nifong?”]

I am the mother of ex-officer Ray Tensing. I am assisting his attorney, Stew Mathews. I came across your article while doing research. May I say it is very well written and one of the rare, unbiased, impartial, accurate representations I have read in MSM!

Thank you for taking the time to write this! Bottom line... the City leaders and prosecutor threw him under the bus to save the city and campus from burning, hence, the superhuman speed of an indictment with the officer's testimony and evidence.

So, one really can indict a ham sandwich. That needs to be changed.


Amy Tensing

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Judge Rusty Johnston said...

I served as a circuit judge in Mobile, Alabama 18 years until I retired last year. I also ran our court police force (35 sworn officers) and am an NRA Firearms Instructor.

I have followed this case and it appears to me to be one of outright persecution against Ray Tensing. DuBose could have avoided his death by: 1. Having a front license plate. 2. Having a driver's license. 3. Not making movements like reaching for his glove box. 4. Not starting the car and driving off.

I have known several police officers that had to kill or be killed, one be my probation officer. Two years later he was dead, he drank himself to death. It is a terrible experience to take a life, ever bit as bad as Dubose's 12 children (illegitimate I presume) are going through. Then to have "The Government" come after you on what appears to be an obvious self defense case like this is inexcusable.

The tide has turned now and people see through the Black Lives Matter Hoax and they are mad. They should be. Maybe you will get some leaders that have some guts to stand up to the real thugs and do JUSTICE as their oath requires.

Judge Rusty Johnston
Mobile, Alabama