Monday, May 09, 2016

Hate Central: The Racist SPLC Keeps Getting Richer, While Destroying the Lives and Means of Support of People It Hates; but a Solution Beckons—Suing the Suckers Out of Business!

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

The SPLC, PayPal, and Tortious Interference
By Kyle Bristow
May 8, 2016
Freedom Front

Dr. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing declared on his website recently that his project is “under siege” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which—along with other leftist outfits—is putting pressure on PayPal and Amazon to cease permitting him to fundraise and sell books, respectively.

Dr. Johnson relays in his article that Heidi Beirich “has been writing letters to and PayPal to get them to stop doing business with Counter-Currents. The SPLC wants to put us out of business because they fear the ideas that we advocate.” He also notes that just days after the Washington Post ran an article about the matter, Amazon shut down Counter-Currents’ Amazon Affiliate Marketing account, which earned Dr. Johnson approximately $6,000.00 per year when viewers of his website purchased goods from Amazon after visiting that website.

A simple search on the Hatewatch blog of the SPLC shows that the SPLC has attempted to shame Amazon and PayPal into ending relations with rightist entities a number of times now….

[Read the whole thing at Freedom Front.]

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