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Lawyer Has Published Book on the Racist Knoxville Horror Kidnapping-Gang Rape-Torture-Murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom: “The Fact This Crime was Never Considered Racially Motivated by the Prosecution Stuns [Author Mike] Pelletier and Others, Including Family Members of the Victims”


War crime victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

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I thank my friend and partner-in-crime, David in TN, who writes,
Someone has written a book, published last fall, on the Christian-Newsom murders. It looks to be good and he calls it for what it was—a racial murder. Unfortunately, it's only available on Kindle, not even a paperback. It appears no one would publish it in print.

Wonder why?

Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Jamie Satterfield, the only person to write more on this case than yours truly, said a few years ago that she was going to write a book on this atrocity. However, she has since changed direction, and may never write said book. Although she had always been a “liberal,” she had oscillated between being helpful and hostile towards me. Back in the spring of 2007, she even spent a few minutes helping me on the phone, when I called her at KNS.

Sometimes, we even had a friendly rivalry. During the May 2013 retrial of racist KH killer George Thomas (who was convicted), while I interviewed a member of the Knoxville Police Department, Jamie pounded a short diagonal path, so she could eavesdrop on the conversation. I spoke of being sandbagged for months by the KPD, and asked whether it would have helped, had I camped out outside Police Headquarters. The KPDer responded, “Nope.” Satterfield tossed over her shoulder—while marching back and forth—“We didn’t have that problem.”

She sure didn’t.

Several years ago, when the Knox County Medical Examiner reported that the semen of two additional black male rapist-murderers had been found in Channon Christian’s panties, Satterfield lied, in asserting that the semen was simply a mixture of the semen of half-brother rapist-murderers Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins. Even if it had been possible (which it isn’t) for two men’s semen to mix, thereby creating a new DNA profile, that would have only resulted in a third DNA profile, not a third and a fourth. Satterfield was again seeking to diminish the awfulness of the crime, which had at least seven participants.

A couple of years ago, Satterfield he announced that she was looking to change jobs in the news business. She suddenly started going out of her way to be openly racial socialist, apparently fantasizing that this would get her a gig with an outfit like CNN. It didn’t occur to her that CNN wasn’t interested in hiring pale, middle-aged white women, no matter how anti-white they are. (It likes “black” women who are light, bright, and damned near white.) So, she’s still stuck at the Knoxville News Sentinel. However, while I thought she’d write a book, in order to attack people who have been honest about the Horror, she apparently doesn’t want the world to learn about it at all. Maybe she’s afraid that people might not accept the racial fairy tale she wants to tell.

Then about two years ago, I twitted something, and she insinuated that I was a Klansman, responding, “Your white robe is showing.”

Roughly a year ago, Satterfield retweeted some inanity from a racist black female “journalist.” I called the black female racist a racist, to which the RBF immediately responded, “Blocked.” Although I hadn’t criticized Satterfield, she was loyal to the RBF, and immediately followed suit.

Blount lawyer writes book about Christian-Newsom murders
Friday, May 20, 2016 12:00 a.m.
By Melanie Tucker | 0 comments
The Daily Times

Lawyer and author Mike Pelletier has two bikes, Beauty and the Beast. Beauty is a Honda Shadow 750 and Beast is a Honda VTX 1800. The Beast is pictured here.

Author Mike Pelletier has his books available at

It can’t get much uglier than kidnap, rape and murder.

East Tennesseans who were living here back in 2007 know the case well. Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were the victims of a crime so horrible it’s hard to believe other human beings were responsible. They were kidnapped in Knoxville, taken to a nearby house and tortured, raped and murdered. Chris was set on fire after being shot. Channon was left for dead in a trash can, wrapped in plastic garbage bags. They were a young couple in love with time to forge a future when they were brutally tortured, discarded like the evening trash.

Then, an unthinkable and ugly twist: the judge who presided over the trials had been a drug addict and was most certainly impaired on the bench, lawyers for the four defendants who were tried by the judge, maintained. New trials were granted to those four.

A memorial at 2316 Chipman St., the location where the despicable crimes occurred, features a cross and the words Together Forever. The house on the lot was torn down.

It stays with you

As a lawyer, Maryville’s Mike Pelletier has been interested in the case since moving here in 2011. He wasn’t here for the initial trials but has attended the retrials and talked with family members. Pages and pages of court documents and newspaper accounts have helped him piece together the case that consumed a community.

“This case wouldn’t leave me alone,” Pelletier said. “It is the most notorious crime in the history of Tennessee.”

What he’s learned, he’s now sharing in a book, aptly titled “Knoxville’s Endless Nightmare: The Christian-Newsom Murders.” It’s available on

The fact this crime was never considered racially motivated by the prosecution stuns Pelletier and others, including family members of the victims. It was five black men against a white man and white woman. It was just another murder case, said one of the prosecutors.

There was also little coverage of the senseless murders and trials anywhere other than here in East Tennessee, another fact Pelletier has a hard time understanding.

Stepping into their shoes

The lawyer in him became fascinated with the facts of the case and the shocking turn of events with the addicted judge. And because Pelletier is himself in recovery, Judge Richard Baumgartner’s story is one he can at least relate to from the standpoint of addiction.

“I had my last drink in April of 1984 because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Pelletier said.

Then he puts himself into the shoes of Gary Christian, father of Channon and Hugh Newsom, father of Christopher.

“I particularly sympathize with Gary Christian and can’t imagine coping with an assault like this on my daughter, which takes us dads to the border between forgiveness and vengeance.”

There is no interest here in attention for himself or making money off of someone else’s misery. Pelletier said there are at least two lessons that can be taken away from all of this. One, that our criminal justice system should deal with “incorrigibles” like these swiftly and harshly. Second, that judicial misconduct be reported for the good of the system instead of being tolerated or covered up.

Getting to the bottom

“Knoxville’s Endless Nightmare” takes readers to the crime scenes with gruesome details included.

Pelletier said the book wasn’t meant for young or sensitive readers.

There are transcripts from defendants in the case, which is tough language to hear. And because the judge was taking drugs the entire
time, the cases he presided over may go on forever.

This isn’t Pelletier’s first book. He wrote “The Millstone Society,” about the sex scandal within the Catholic Church. He also authored a book based on the Gospels, entitled “Liar, Loon or Lord: A Journey Through the Gospels.”

“Profiles in Addiction,” about the famous alcoholics and addicts through the ages, will be his next.

Pelletier is licensed to practice law in Tennessee, but his practice is limited to appellate litigation, civil and criminal.

He volunteers his services for nonprofits, too, including two recovery clubhouses in Tennessee and his fire company in New Jersey where he lived before here.

He has represented anti-abortion protesters in criminal court free of charge.

What brought this author/lawyer to Maryville has nothing to do with law or books. Pelletier’s other passion is motorcycles.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of his favorite rides. He admits to tackling The Dragon here in Blount County, but at a safe speed and with full attention to the road.

“East Tennessee is motorcycle heaven,” Pelletier said.

He’s been riding motorcycles since 1991 and keeps a diary of his excursions.

Writing is a way for him to share his adventures. “The Motorcycle Diary” is also available on

That talent also serves him well with telling this horrific story. There are a lot of legal twists and turns that fascinate Pelletier and telling the whole story is what he’s set out to do. If that means adding chapters to his book, he will do just that as the legal battles over the judge’s impairment move on in this and other cases over which he presided.

“The judge’s addiction raises the possibility that this will never end,” he said.


The five known war criminals responsible for the violation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two additional black rapist-killers were identified by DNA through semen they had left in Channon Christian's panties, but have yet to be named.

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Tom Stedham said...

FYI: all Kindle authors can get paperback books made thru Amazon's "CreateSpace" service, at great rates, in low quantities. Anyone can send the author an email and request a book; maybe he'll print a dozen or so.

Anonymous said...

Those are real African savages. Bone in the nose is all that is needed. They also ate a hearty breakfast the next morning. Characteristic of a depraved mentality and callousness.

Nicholas said...

David in TN writes (May 21, 2016):

Nicholas, Three years ago I predicted Jamie Satterfield would not write the book. Well, she hasn’t. This morning, Saturday May 21, I emailed her asking how the book is coming. No answer. Don’t people who write books on big crime stories rush to get them into print? I couldn’t find an email address for Michael Pelletier, but discovered a mailing address: PO Box 4841 Maryville, TN 37802-4841

David In TN said...


I wrote Mike Pelletier a letter and he telephoned me. We talked for about 15 minutes. He never considered trying to get a print edition published. He attended the Coleman retrial. I saw him there but thought he was a wire service stringer. We've since exchanged a few emails.

Someone I know had the book on Kindle and I've been able to read it, 224 pages. Mike Pelletier's "Knoxville's Endless Nightmare" is written like a legal treatise or lawyer's brief.

Pelletier is critical of the lawyers on both sides. He says George Thomas' attorneys were the best of the bunch. An indigent defendant got literally the best lawyers in town to represent him. Which an ordinary citizen wouldn't.

Pelletier saw appellate issues everywhere. He told me the federal courts still may overturn Cobbins' and Davidson's convictions due to Baumgartner's malfeasance.

Pelletier also thinks Coleman might have been used as a witness, which could have put Thomas on death row.

Pelletier calls it a racial crime and seems to have talked extensively with the victims' families. He sees Gary Christian hovering over the trial. However with the emphasis on legalese it's not like the book you would write on the Knoxville Horror.