Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That Old Bernie Sanders is Just so Curmudgeonly, and Cute and Cuddly, in His Own Endearing Fashion… Oh, and Apropos of Nothing, He’s Also an Accomplice to Mass Murder, but Never Mind (Derb)

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
This is interesting, seems that while Facebook is investigating whether or not conservative viewpoints have been censored, it's not admitting it happened. They are responding to the accusations at least. Likely, they'll say they are unfounded but quietly make some adjustments behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

"Sanders, on the very kindest interpretation, was a willing accessory to all that, and an actual promoter of it in Cuba and Nicaragua."

Bernie spent that time on the Israel kibbutz which was pro-Stalinist and pro-Soviet. Probably recruited there.