Tuesday, May 24, 2016

As the Media Continues Their Harms Race, America Has become Sluttopia: “Celebrity Overexposure is Inescapable; We’re Drowning in Underboob; Bombarded with Sideboob; Nip Slips; Crotch Slips; Bare-Bottom Flashes; All of the Above, All at Once; the Problem, My Fellow Americans, is Not that We Live in an Age of Wardrobe Malfunctions; It’s that We Live in an Age of Dignity Malfunctions”; We Must Start Shaming the Sluts, Protesting Them, and Turning Them Off


Kim Kardashian finds it hard to contain herself

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

What these females can’t understand, perhaps because they’re feminists, is that they aren’t the least bit sexy. Feminism destroys femininity, morality, romance, and even sexuality. I suppose it’s only fitting that that feminists and their allies, homosexuals and sexual psychopaths, after destroying sex, have rendered their Frankenstein monster, “gender” meaningless.

“It’s one thing for the notorious Kim Kardashian, sex-tape celebrity-turned-sex-tape celebrity, to trounce into the Rome Opera House flashing her cartoon cleavage and industrial-strength Spanx for the cameras as she did last weekend.”


Somebody calling herself, “Ciara”

“The trouble is that the Kardashian deviancy is now the norm among female entertainers who consider themselves trailblazing feminists.”

Somebody calling herself, “Lorde”

“Top designers seem to be engaged in a bizarre competition to use the least amount of tenuously placed fabric to clothe (LOL) their A-list clients. Tragically, none of the sycophants who surround the young starlets—not their fully-clothed agents, parents, BFFs, husbands or boyfriends—has the guts to tell these double-sided duct-taped divas that they look utterly ridiculous.”


Ms. and Mr. Amal Clooney

“Cowardice is the handmaiden of defining decency down….”

Read the whole thing at VDARE.


Anonymous said...

As a guy, it doesn't bother me at all. Years ago when I had a job, a black secretary type actually wore a see-through top with a black sport-type bra to work (Don't know if she was on vacation and just visiting.). I didn't hear a single GUY complain!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Robert Kardashian. You did such a good job of raising your daughters.