Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This is BS! Black Supremacist Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Engages in Moral Equivalence Over Hate Crime Murder, and Lies in Asserting the “Community” Helped Nab Racist Killers ; The Baltimore Sun Engages in Massive Censorship of Reader Comments on Story About Her


War crime victim Robbie Ponsi

“Relatives (from left) Blakney Miles, Dawn Ponsi-Miles, and Brittany Miles hold a photo of Robert Ponsi who was stabbed to death last Saturday (J.M. Giordano/City Paper)”

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Thanks to my partner-in-crime, David in TN, for this story.

According to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the consequences for the lives of the racist black murderers of white bicyclist Robert Ponsi were just as bad as the consequences for Robert Ponsi. In other words, white lives don’t matter.

The Baltimore Sun agrees. It has shown its support for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake by engaging in the massive censorship (blocking and deleting) of probably over 90 percent of reader comments to the article in question, which nine hours after publication showed only 33 comments. Typically, such a controversial article would have had hundreds of comments by this time. Indeed, I can bear personal witness to the heavy-handed censorship. Although I was able to log in and upvote comments, when I sought to post comments, whether at the top of the thread, or in response to the few readers, whose comments had been permitted by the thread Nazis, the BS software would not respond.

You are invited to respond, in any way you see fit, to the guilty parties below.

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As for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, I don’t believe or one minute that she found the hate crime slaughter of Robert Ponsi “tragic.” For a black supremacist like Rawlings-Blake, every slaughter of another white is grounds for celebration.

War crime suspects “Antwan Eldridge, 16, (left), Daquan Middleton, 17, (center), and, Prince Green, 15, (right), have been charged as adults in the stabbing death of a man in Baltimore, city police said.”

Last April, following black riots in Baltimore, Rawlings-Blake bragged, “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.” When she was roundly criticized for her admission, she lied and denied having confessed, but she was on video. The racist slaughter of Robert Ponsi was just more of the same.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake calls killing of bicyclist “tragic”
By Luke Broadwater
Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 12:13 p.m.
The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Wednesday the killing of a bicyclist in Waverly has ruined the lives of the victim and the teenage suspects charged in his death.

War criminals Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Al Sharpton

“I don’t know where to start,” the mayor told reporters at City Hall. “Sometimes you get so frustrated when you think about our young people, when you hear about this type of attack.”

Robert Ponsi, 29, was fatally stabbed and robbed Saturday night as he bicycled through Waverly on his way home from his job as a server at a Harbor East restaurant.

Three teens -- Prince Greene, 15, Antwan Eldridge, 17, and Daquan Middleton, 16 – are charged in his murder.

The mayor said she was grateful community members came forward with information for police that helped them make the arrests.

“Not only is it tragic because of the loss of a life, but because these other lives have been ruined as well,” Rawlings-Blake said.



• RavensFairey
Ah yes the killing is 'tragic'! But lets focus more on those poor misguided youths. Thank God this woman is out of politics; at least for now.

• BaltimoreTerp
It is amazing that SRB and the Baltimore Sun continue to focus on the tragedy for these three youths...they are getting more than they deserve. There is only one victim here and the failure to recognize that shows how out of touch with reality our politicians and this wannabe newspaper are. The only article that remains on the homepage about this crime is about the difficulty that the self-admitted murderer's mother is dealing with. And of course it talks about the nice things this little homicidal scum had done previously as if that matters at all. Wake up - this is the culture that is promoted by the worst communities in the city. A culture that devalues human life, that deflects all responsibility and that is completely anti-social. There are no excuses for these evil acts.« less

• Deez Poleeeses
@BaltimoreTerp it's sickening that these three are considered victims. I wonder when they will be opening the Prince Greene wing of the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center...

• TiredOfThisNonsense
@Deez Poleeeses

Free the Three! They are just misguided youth. It wasn't their fault.

SRB "...our young people". ??? Wrong! YOUR YOUNG PEOPLE!!!


I have to wonder what the Mayor would say if Ponsi had shot and killed his attackers? All of them.

• JFCanton

I think about the same thing.

• Magic Rat
@Digital_Dan "Black Lives Matter" would be shutting down Baltimore if the victim had shot back and killed or wounded his attackers. Digital_Dan
@Magic Rat - ""Black Lives Matter" would be shutting down Baltimore if the victim had shot back and killed or wounded his attackers."

The lynch mob would be out for blood, even though Ponsi was not a cop. The police think there were more than three kids so if Ponsi had killed the lot of them it would have been justice on a grand scale.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake states, "Not only is it tragic because of the loss of a life, but because these other lives have been ruined as well"....What is tragic is the victim had no choice in this matter, his life was taken by these 3 animals. Those 3 CHOSE to do this act of violence.They CHOSE to ruin their own lives with this horrendous act. Let's get that straight Mayor. It's called Personal Choice.

• SeeMe3
You mean these 'CHILDREN' were able to kill someone?
Every time a Police Officer is forced to kill one of these 'children' in self defense they are vilified by the Liberal Media and the Black Community for killing someone who COULD NOT be dangerous.
How many of the 344 killed in Bmore were killed by someone 18 or younger?
It might put these attacks in perspective.
Or doesn't the Mayor want to know the truth?

• muzzi2

These "CHILDREN" are able to impregnate countless young women which result in countless children being raised in "fatherless" homes.
Why isn't someone talking about birth control, and vasectomys? Digital_Dan

There you go again talking about responsibility. None of these people believe that they are responsible for anything. It has been that way for them for generations so why should there be any progress towards expecting civilized living now?

• larrygr3
tragic for everybody , victim and idiots that will spend rest of their lives in jail for a bike and cell phone

and you get to pay for it

• BaltimoreTerp
@larrygr so when FG killed himself attempting to scam the taxpayers of baltimore I guess you could say it was tragic for the police that they would be falsely accused of a crime

• SeeMe3
The only reason they did it is because YOUR COMMUNITY finds these actions understandable and even forgivable.
That you consider them 'VICTIMS' and not monsters.

The victim is the man who was not breaking the law and died at the hands of what the Black community jokingly defends as CHILDREN.
Too bad the Mayor gave in to demands to stop what the Black community called OVER POLICING and charging their criminal sons, she supported Mosby's war on Police not a war on CRIME.

Ponsi might still be alive if she had backed the Police instead.

How many hundreds of honest Black citizens have DIED in a similar manner and their deaths were ignored because they are just one of too many to even comment about?« less

His grandparents raised this young man well and let him go to Baltimore. What a tragic mistake. They have to be extremely upset.

I would not be surprised to see these three low lifes get off. Too many young AA men in jail and the jury system and city is so broken.

• ME in Towson
Tragic? That's it? How about slamming her foot and fist down, getting in the camera up close and yelling this has to stop, demanding people have respect for life, telling the baby daddys to stop walking away, talking nice to the misguided gals who bring the babies, telling the youth they have make a losing decision in the drug trade, publicly supporting the rule of the police and respect for laws etc.

In other words, dont just check it off the list and shuffle off. Just like Kurt Schmoke. Just NOT like Sheila Dixon who will be the next mayor« less
@ME in Towson

Tragic is the wrong word. You have to be worth something before hubris can result in tragedy for the guilty party. This is just plain stupid.

• BAJA67
I am sick of these vile creatures that inhabit the ghettos in Baltimore.

I can't believe Prince Green went home and ate pizza with his mother right after stabbing Robert Ponsi. What a cold hearted killer. Like Ponsi's life meant nothing to Prince.


We are imposing a lot of unknown and retrospective information on the situation to think that. The likely reality is that he didn't know Ponsi was fatally injured, although they haven't told us yet who wielded the knife. Odds are probably best that it's the guy who stabbed himself.

Not that it makes it any better because he must have known that someone was hurt, just saying...

• Digital_Dan

Does a pack of wolves feel any remorse for killing their prey? No more than these blood-thirsty animals will ever feel for anything. They probably won't have to worry long as they'll be on the street again looking for their next victim. SA Mosby will be lenient on them so prison will be a temporary inconvenience.

• mimi.barron

If history is any indication, the three will end up dead.

• sunupp

The sooner the better.

• J.H. from M.D.
What ever happened to something called a fair fight?

Not only do these "youths" get a mob to fight, harass and rob one person, they also feel compelled to use a knife on top of it!

These kids don't know right from wrong by now? They need to go to church to learn these lessons. It doesn't always work, but it sure might help.


"Community members" didn't lead the police to the perpetrators; one of the suspects led the police to the other one and then both led them to the third. What is she talking about?

• charmcitygal
White lives matter too!


Mark Caplan said...

Judging by the comments, too many whites are shockingly ignorant of black attitudes toward white people.

Anonymous said...

Agree.I think most blacks would do the same thing to a white in their neighborhood--if they felt the urge...the urge to hate and kill white people.I say this also.You can t allow yourself to be
in a situation like that.One white(on an easily captured vehicle)against 3 blacks.You can t assume that the blacks you are seeing are upstanding,morally virtuous,kindly or helpful individuals.You have to assume the worst--for your own survival.Remember that and pass it on to ignorant whites.

Anonymous said...

Blacks by the time they are thirteen or fourteen years old have the bodies of grown adults. They mature at an earlier age, and mature faster and more so when they do. Just a fact. NOT kids or chirrens.