Sunday, January 24, 2016

Racism in Pro Football: My New VDARE Report is Up!


Black St. Louis Ram players do the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" thing to protest a grand jury’s refusal to indict white Officer Darren Wilson for murder, for defending his life against racist black thug Mike Brown’s attempt to murder him

By Nicholas Stix

When Ed McCaffrey played wide receiver for the New York Giants during the early 1990s, he joked to reporters about how he was known as “the slow white guy.” The thing is, McCaffrey was the fastest man on the team (4.3 in the 40). But he was white, so he had to be slow, right?

Pro Football, SJW Sportswriters, and the Great White Dope Syndrome

The New England Patriots play Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game January 24, for the honor of representing the AFC in the Super Bowl in two weeks’ time. A few hours later, the Carolina Panthers will play the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game, to represent the NFC. Who will the Main Stream Media declare the NFL’s Great White Dope?

The Great White Dopes of 2015: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his head coach, Bill Belichick. The MSM declared Brady and Belichick cheaters based on the “Deflategate” hoax. [True Scandal of Deflategate Lies in the N.F.L.’s Behavior by Joe Nocera, New York Times, Jan. 22, 2016]….

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