Thursday, January 28, 2016

Join National Review, Fox News, George Will, et al., in Denouncing Donald Trump (Video)

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Anonymous said...

Republican debate sans Trump
Jeb Bush is a loser.Doesn t get the immigration problem.Call him Jeb Merkle.
Rand Paul wants to "even out" black and white drug prison sentences.Call him Rand Paul Lynch.
Ted Cruz is called a liar by most of his Senate brethren.
Marco Rubio is not a complete liar--just not believeable.>Call them both Marco Cruz Clinton.
Chris Christy seems no nonsense.An upvote.Close to Trump.Call him tonights winner.
Kasich is boring and a self promoter of minor victories in Ohio.Not worth labeling.
The black surgeon doesn t belong there.Turn off the lights and call him "the Invisible Man".
Did Trump miss anything by skipping the debate?
NO...Call him a genius.