Friday, January 29, 2016

The Genius, the Loser, the Liars, Mr. No-Nonsense, the Bore, and the Invisible Man: A Reader Reports on the Trump-Free, Fox News, Republican Debate

By A Longtime WEJB/NSU Reader

Republican Debate Sans Trump

Jeb Bush is a loser. Doesn’t get the immigration problem. Call him “Jeb Merkel.”

Rand Paul wants to “even out” black and white drug prison sentences. Call him “Rand Paul Lynch.”

Ted Cruz is called a liar by most of his Senate brethren.

Marco Rubio is not a complete liar—just not believeable. Call them both “Marco Cruz Clinton.”

Chris Christie seems no nonsense. An upvote. Close to Trump. Call him tonight’s winner.

Kasich is boring and a self-promoter of minor victories in Ohio. Not worth labeling.

The black surgeon doesn’t belong there. Turn off the lights, and call him “the Invisible Man.”

Did Trump miss anything by skipping the debate?

No... call him a genius.

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