Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chicago Blacks Decree that the City’s Biggest Problem is “Police Violence,” and that White Jewish Mayor Rahm Emanuel Must Quit!



At The Guardian.


Anonymous said...

Letter to Rahm:Dear Mr.Mayor.How much black bootay must you kiss to save your job?If it s one--it s too much.It s not worth it.The city is garbage and should be abandoned--not because you re guilty of anything,but because the city is not worth fighting for.Not all of Chicago is in need of another incident similar to what Mrs O Learys cow initiated decades ago,but the rot is pervasive enough to deem it another casualty of black overpopulation.So why sweat it Rahm?There s no upside.I get it--you re hoping Hillary wins and rescues you with a reason to resign--to join her administration.So you pose for pics with these people who want you out and a corrupt black put in--maybe Jesse Jackson Jr?There s a worthy mayor for a worthless city.But resign or stay,either way, this year is your last as mayor.We both know that.It's what gamblers call.."a sure thing"
Grand Rapids(who has problems itself)resident

Anonymous said...

Rahm should be thrown back to the "Right of Return" country that shat him out in the first place, but that call should be coming from us, not from them. Chicago needs a Mayor that isn't already at war with White people.