Saturday, January 02, 2016

Steve Sailer and Paul Kersey on the 2015 Murder Spike

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Steve Sailer
UNZ Review

Over the next few days we will see the homicide figures for 2015 from various cities.

My guess from earlier in the year is that homicide rates in 2015 tended to spike in cities where BlackLivesMatter/Eric Holder/Eye of Soros Establishment had the upper hand, such as St. Louis, Baltimore, and DC, but not in cities where they didn’t….

Paul Kersey
January 1, 2016 at 4:39 pm GMT • 200 Words
Stuff Black People Don’t Like

Wrong on all fronts, Steve.

Indianapolis and Louisville both saw HUGE increases in fatal and nonfatal shootings (I have a contact in the Indianapolis Public Safety Department and the numbers in that city are staggering… and the city is only 28 percent black).
Chicago and New Orleans both saw increases as well. Nashville and Milwaukee saw big surges as well.

Newark too. Must read article –>

Basically, the black underclass has been allowed to run rampant across the nation, because police have all but stopped patrolling black underclass portions of American cities.

It’s only going to get worse as Obama and the Department of Justice start letting out MORE black criminals from the jail.

Remember: Freddie Gray had THREE pending heroin charges when he died, and had recently pleaded down a heroin charge to a mere 100 hours of community service.

My bet for 2016: at some point, all of the six officers indicted in the Freddie Gray murder trial will be acquitted, blacks will riot (with black elected leaders like Marilyn Mosby encouraging the mob violence) and Donald J. Trump will finally give the GET TOUGH ON CRIME speech most of the country has been dying to hear.

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