Sunday, January 03, 2016

Forget the Racial Fairy Tale, whereby Blacks are “Victims” of Affirmative Action; AA’s Victims are Whites and Asians!



By Nicholas Stix

There is one point, on which the overwhelming majority of affirmative action “critics” agree with AA supporters: Whites don’t count. All that matters is helping blacks. "Conservatives" always claim that blacks are somehow "hurt" by AA, but I never hear them talk about how whites and Asians are hurt by it.

Never mind that since the 1940s, the federal courts, and since 1964, all federal policy has been devoted to helping them. Never mind, that since 1964, the federal government has picked tens of trillions of dollars from whites’ pockets, to help blacks. Never mind, that since Shelley v. Kraemer in 1948, millions of whites have had their lives destroyed, for the sake of helping blacks.

AA doesn’t hurt blacks at all. It admits blacks to colleges for which they are intellectually and morally unfit, so that they may pull off race hoaxes, and then graduate with high grades, honors, and degrees they didn’t earn, with wildly inflated grades. Meanwhile, normal, patriotic white men must attend inferior schools, suffer grade discrimination, and are muzzled from speaking their minds, in or out of class. Blacks are then admitted to professional and graduate schools, for which they are intellectually and morally unfit (in the place of qualified, morally fit whites), where they pull off yet more race hoaxes, and again graduate with high grades and honors they didn’t earn. Eventually, they are given well-paying, prestigious jobs (in the place of qualified, morally fit whites), for which they are intellectually and morally unfit, where they pull off still more race hoaxes (nooses, anyone), and to their getting promotions, for which they are intellectually and morally unfit. What’s not to like? And yet, they still complain and cause trouble and engage in shakedowns, wherever they go.

Affirmative action is unconstitutional, in violating the 14th Amendment guarantee of equality before the law; illegal, in violating the U.S. Civil Rights Act (1964); and a moral outrage.

Of Course, Scalia Had a Point—but Affirmative Action’s Real Damage is to Whites, Asians, and America
By John Reid
January 2, 2016, 10:52 pm

Donald Trump has shifted the Overton Window, soaring to the top of the polls while championing issues the political class believed were off-limits. But even Trump seemed to side with the Left in deploring Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent remarks about Affirmative Action’s paradoxical negative impact on African-Americans. Of course, Scalia had an entirely reasonable point. However, it’s time to face up to the real scandal: the damage that Affirmative Action does to displaced whites (and Asians).

During oral arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas, UT attorney Greg Garre argued that when school dropped Affirmative Action policies, diversity plummeted. Scalia commented:

“I’m just not impressed by the fact that the University of Texas may have fewer [black students without Affirmative Action]. Maybe it ought to have fewer…And I don’t think it stands to reason that it’s a good thing for the University of Texas to admit as many blacks as possible.”

[Read the most controversial statement by Justice Scalia on admissions and race, by Robert Barnes, Washington, Post, December 10, 2015]

[Read the whole thing at VDARE.]

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