Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ode to Jöy: A Detroit Symphony Orchestra IKEA Flashmob (Video)


Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank the friend who sent me this, who wrote,

If you watch closely [about 2:51], a black couple flees the scene. Beethoven should be broadcast everywhere!
I watched this lovely video with a melancholy smile. The DSO, which was once one of the world’s great symphony orchestras, in one of the world’s great cities, performs a “flash mob” in the suburbs, away from the blacks of Detroit, for appreciative whites and Asians, while the only blacks present flee. Meanwhile, the MSM have deliberately destroyed the meaning of “flash mob,” in order to give cover for ultraviolent, black supremacists. And soon, there won’t even be a DSO anymore.

That, in a microcosm, is what the rulers of Jim Snow have done, and continue to do, to all American institutions, to the English language, and of course, to the American people.


Anonymous said...

Country and western music too. Does the same to THEM.

And the more pronounced the country and western the more rapid is the flight from the area.

Anonymous said...

All those wealthy patrons of the fine arts, the executives of the automobile companies. They are gone now? And gone forever. Detroit is a cultural wasteland as well as a literal wasteland in many ways.

Anonymous said...

Someone should have told that black couple that Beethoven was actually a black man. Then they would have stopped, listened and said "Hey, I like this after all".
Then tell them that classical music was invented by blacks.
Seriously, those claims have been made by blacks.
There are some interesting web articles re the subject of Beethoven's ethnicity. The comments, as usual, are the most interesting, every black commenter believes absolutely that Beethoven was a black man. According to the one drop rule that is, he wasn't nordic looking so he picked up some negro ancestry from "Moorish" invaders in ancient times. Predictably and amusingly I've seen comments by blacks talking about how much they enjoyed Beethoven's music after "finding out he was actually a black man".

I also discovered reading their comments that many black supremists claim that blacks invented classical music. The theory being that black Africans invaded Europe in ancient times so they brought classical music to the primitive whites who couldn't possibly have come up with the idea of music by themselves. No evidence or facts to back anything up though, just the proximity theory, blacks might have been somewhere in the vicinity so "we did it".

The idea that Beethoven was black is, of course, nonsense. The supposed "evidence" turns out to no be evidence at all, many Afroracists simply made stuff up, put it in their lectures and writings and repeated it over and over until they convinced themselves it was true. Afroracists use that kind of "someone said so" evidence a lot. Here's a couple of links to discussions re Beethoven's ancestry. Jerry

Anonymous said...

They just had the documentary about Detroit on TV last night. All those whitey folks at the opera and the announcer says that fine arts will go a long way to rejuvenate Dee-troit.

Hope springs eternal.

Anonymous said...

Detroit is a literal wasteland even to the extent of cemeteries having the bodies and remains moved to other locations.

It can't get much worse than that.

Anonymous said...

Beethoven was black?

YES, I remember that well.

The Big Lie. Repeat the lie over and over and eventually it will be believed. And the more outrageous the lie the easier is to get it believed.