Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hate Crime in the New York City Subway; Female Good Samaritan Saves White Woman After Prolonged Beating by Raceless Girl Gang and Attempted Robbery; NBC News Refuses to Report Description of Perps



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Could a later victim of the same gang sue NBC News for refusing to identify them, thereby aiding and abetting them, and endangering their victim? It might fail, on First Amendment grounds, but it would be worth trying, just to shame the crooks, er, journalists.

A racist black reader named Stephen S Wilson left the following comment:

“I think it's her fault. When someone says excuse me you must have stepped on their feet on something, I would have said I'm sorry did I step on you not say don't yell at me which did provoke her attacker. Just being real on a real situation.”

I responded,

You racist liar. You know very well that black thugs constantly pull that stunt on whites and Asians who had done nothing to them, as a pretext to sucker punch them.

I also left the following comment, addressed to no one in particular:

This was an obvious, black and/or Hispanic-on-white hate crime. Back in 1991, when I was attacked by a spontaneous gang of five Hispanics and blacks, a transit detective said that such racially motivated attacks happened every day, but you couldn’t say it, for political reasons, And those were the good old days!


Straphanger Saves Woman From Subway Gang Attack by Teenage Girls

The victim wants to thank the woman who shielded her from a group of teenage girls
By Ida Siegal
Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014| updated 12:12 P.M. EST
NBC 4 New York

Police are searching for a group of teenage girls accused of attacking a woman on the subway last week before a fellow straphanger rushed to her rescue. Ida Siegal reports.

Police are searching for a group of teenage girls accused of attacking a woman on the subway last week before a fellow straphanger rushed to her rescue.

The victim, who asked not to be identified, told NBC 4 New York she was on a train on the 4 and 5 line headed to Manhattan on Thursday afternoon. At the Bowling Green stop, as many as 20 teenage girls got on and filled up the car.

When the woman walked toward the door to get out at the next stop, she said one of the girls yelled "excuse me" at her as she passed.

"I told her, 'Do not yell at me,'" the woman said. "And I kept on walking further. As I was walking she pushed me. I turn around and slightly pushed her back. At this point, without any hesitation, she took her fist and with all the power that she had, she hit me into my face."

The girl's friends piled on and began beating her over the head before trying to grab her bag, the woman said. There was no one else in the car to come to her rescue.

"Everyone else was cheering. They were cheering -- like, I felt like a gladiator," she said.

When the train finally arrived at the next stop, Wall Street, the victim said she fell out of the doors onto the platform as the girls continued to grab at her. She said they began to follow her off the train until a good Samaritan stepped in.

"She helped me to get up and she shielded me from them and she said 'run,' and I ran," the victim said.

The victim had bruising and swelling to her head and face but is otherwise OK.

Police sources say they have been able to identify the girl who allegedly started the fight because she apparently posted details of the attack on social media. Police are questioning her, but have not yet made an arrest.

In the meantime, the victim is grateful to the unknown woman who helped her and is hoping to meet her.

"She's amazing. I want to thank her in person," she said.


Anonymous said...

Any time the criminals are not identified by the media or police I know the criminals are not White. I have a choice, they are black or hispanic, and depending on the location,I pick either of those two races. It works every time.

Anonymous said...

My, my. Teenagers are so prone to misbehavior these days. Thanks for the comments you made to the NBC News story.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Maybe the pot made him do it. Jerry

Anonymous said...

Right. It is reported that the woman beaten at least to an extent is partially responsible for what occurred. She was not compliant with the negro teen and not subject herself to humiliation by being weak and docile and apologetic.

Just like with Zimmerman and Treyvons. "OH, if Zimm had just not gotten out of the car!"

Anonymous said...

Damn she apes...nothing but violent,useless animals.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

bastards. stupid enough to post on facebook/twitter. this is probably a gang initiation- attack a totally innocent person in public. happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Arrest her and put her name and photograph in the newspapers. She is black.