Thursday, January 30, 2014

General Mills, Saatchi & Saatchi, MSM Plan Racial Incident for Super Bowl

By Nicholas Stix

Cheerios 2014 Super Bowl Game Day Ad | "Gracie"


Last year, General Mills staged a racial incident, by airing a Cheerios ad featuring a fictional, interracial family—a black dad (of course), white mom, and mulatto daughter.

Some people complained via social media, andf so the MSM vilified them for “racism,” which meant “white racism,” since the MSM never vilifies blacks foe racism.

Never mind that blacks are the biggest racists in this country, followed closely by Hispanics, and them by Indians and Moslems.

Back during the 1990s, the New York Daily News ran a feature story in which black supremacist reporter Denene Millner, who is opposed to interracial relationships, interviewed black woman who shared her prejudice, and presented them in a positive light. Not only was the “reporter” not destroyed, she got a book deal!

That would be the same Daily News that seeks to drive educator Frank Borzilieri to suicide.

Most whites will be indifferent to the ad, but millions of blacks will be outraged. But when blacks voice their racist rage on social media, the MSM will depict them as white supremacists, vilify them, and General Mills will have yet another publicity bonanza, as the MSM depicts it as an “enlightened,” “progressive” company. An “enlightened,” “progressive” company, whose executives protect their kids form the diversity they promote.


Cheerios Brings Back

Interracial Family for Its

First Ever Super Bowl Ad

Jan. 28, 2014, 9:19 PM

Cheerios' first ever Super Bowl ad will star the same interracial family that sparked an online firestorm when the cereal brand included it in an ad this past May.

The ad, released Tuesday evening on Cheerios' YouTube channel, depicts a mixed-race girl eating breakfast with her father, who informs her that a brother is on the way:

The ad features the same black father and white mother from Cheerios' "Just Checking" ad, which received an outburst of hateful comments from those opposed to interracial marriage, and an equally forceful response from those happy to see such a family depicted in a major brand's ad campaign.

The new ad, entitled "Gracie," will run during the first unscheduled time out of Super Bowl XLVIII, which takes place this Sunday at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium. The commercial was made by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, the ad agency that also made "Just Checking."


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

The Super Bowl has become so big it will attract every loser pushing his cause, either his personal or his collective cause.

I remember Janet Jackson exposing herself on Super Bowl Sunday halftime then releasing her new CD the next day. Apparently her sales were poor and slumping for years.

America, like every other white country in the Western world is dying.

We need a new direction.

I believe the time has come to begin thinking of our own, new country for whites only, non-liberal whites.

I'm not so much a racist as a non-apostate realist.

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I can recall seeing this commercial for the first time and noting the interracial happy couple.

And since that time have seen more of these ads. Always the interracial couple so happy with the happy kid, etc.

This is of course not an accident so many such commercials of this type so quickly. Is part of a scheme like usual.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

BTW, maybe the ad could post the FBI statistics that a white woman, married to a negro, is 12.5 times more likely to be murdered by her negro husband than her counterpart white woman married to a white man.

Oh, and also that a white man married to a negress is 22 times more likely to be murder by his negress wife than his white man married to a white woman counterpart.

Just a thought. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they're not advertising 40-ouncers.

Imagine the "controversy" that would ensue.

PS: Remind me not to ever eat Cheerios again. Now menthol cigarettes....