Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Declared New York State a Disaster Area, but was Overruled by Dante DeBlasio, Who Declared that New York City’s Public Schools Will be Open Today

By Nicholas Stix

Dante DeBlasio is the 15-year-old son of Mayor Bill Wilhelm Jr./DeBlasio. Dante’s shtick was tired when it was new. He is not cute or charming, let alone “charismatic,” as at least one sycophantic MSM “reporter” put it.

Dante DeBlasio gets driven to school by at least one heavily armed NYPD officer in a cozy, limousine that I pay for. By contrast, I have to take my son to school on a city bus driven by a racist black man, after waiting on a street corner in the cold.

Like hundreds of thousands of other parents, I will be keeping my son home from school today. What the Wilhelm/DeBlasios will be doing with Dante is anyone’s guess, as if any sensible person would care.


The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

In my opinion, we non-liberal whites must begin to accept, that the only long term viable solution to our current state of affairs, our problem, is to separate out and away from white liberals and the members of their alliance, to then seceded and either disenfranchise or outlaw them.

This solution is a long term one that starts with the individual mindset. For we are all so committed to our life, as our life is at this time, that such an undertaking seems beyond our capability.

Slowly but surely we must accept this conclusion as tough and demanding as it is, or by default we accept the current situation, running its full course, and concluding in tyranny, poverty and misery for the masses, but also for the highlife of power, fame and fortune for the ruling liberal elite.

I am a non-liberal, non-apostate white. I realize my life will be better in the long run, if I separate out and away from my white, liberal, apostate neighbors.

I'm PDK, the non-apostate: Thank you.

countenance said...

"Dante's schtick"

What schtick? You mean his 45-year out of date hair style?

BTW, NS, do you happen to know where Mr. America goes to school? Why do I get the feeling that the hypocrite oil driller sends his kids to private schools?