Saturday, January 25, 2014

Diversity Rapist Caught, Convicted, and Sentenced to 20 Years for Rape He’d Committed 22 Years Ago, via State-of-the-Art DNA Testing

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This is good news, but has me scratching my head. Diversities routinely commit heinous, violent felonies in Britain, while getting only token sentences. And of course, state-of-the-art DNA testing will be increasingly rendered unusable, due to state-of-the-art affirmative action.

By Coventry Telegraph
Nuneaton boxer jailed for rape committed 22 years ago
17 Jan 2014 16:02
Case re-opened after Warwickshire Police's first use of latest DNA technology

Mark Anthony Harrison who has been jailed for a rape committed 22 years ago
Mark Anthony Harrison who has been jailed for a rape committed 22 years ago

A Nuneaton man has been sent to jail for 20 years for a rape commited 22 years ago.

Mark Anthony Harrison, 42, of no fixed address but formerly of Edward Street, was traced after the case was reopened by the Warwickshire Police Major Investigation Unit.

Detectives carried out a thorough investigation at the time of the offence in February 1992, but a decision was made to re-investigate because of advances in forensic science.

In what is a first for the Warwickshire force, officers made use of the latest DNA technology which enabled them to identify Harrison as the offender and he was arrested last June.

As reported in the Telegraph, the former amateur boxer, pleaded not guilty when he appeared at the crown court in Leamington in December.

The jury was told that on February 7 1992 the victim, a mother in her early 30s, went out for the evening with friends.

Later in the night she decided to head home when the others were getting a taxi to another bar.

Her route took her down Edward Street, where one-time promising light-welterweight boxer Harrison lived at the time, and she was attacked from behind.

“She felt a very forceful blow between her shoulder blades, sending her face-down to the floor,” said prosecutor Stefan Kolodynski.

Her attacker dragged her towards some garages where he attacked her twice as she pleaded with him to stop. As a result of the attack her upper jaw had been crushed, she had lost two teeth and required extensive dental work over a 12-month period to repair the damage.

Harrison was found guilty by a unanimous verdict at the end of a two-day trial and was remanded in custody to await pre-sentence reports.

He was also given a 10-year sentence, to run concurrently, for grievious bodily harm.


Anonymous said...

This guy was trained boxer.

At least in the United States, a boxer using his fists to commit a crime, those fists have the same legal status as a person using a deadly weapon.

So this young woman was not only raped but assaulted with a deadly weapon at the same time and it becomes a rape with an additional aggravated offense

Anonymous said...

Blacks like boxing.

So many of them are promising good young boxers.

Blacks like to hit people.