Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bob and Nancy Strait: Preliminary Hearing in Strait Murder; Did a Lone Assailant Murder Them?

Tulsa murder victims Bob and Nancy Strait

Tyrone Dale David Woodfork, 20, has been charged with attacking the Straits

This unidentified man was earlier described as a suspect still at large in the Strait double murder

This third man was also earlier described as a suspect still at large in the Strait double murder. Unfortunately, this image is worthless.

By David in TN and Nicholas Stix

In this article, we learn that Tyrone Woodfork faces a second rape charge after the conclusion of the preliminary hearing on August 31 in the deaths of Bob and Nancy Strait.

[N.S.: Is he supposed to have raped both husband and wife, is this a case of overcharging, or is he alleged to have raped someone else during a different crime? Then again, he got off for murdering Bob Strait, so things may be evening out somewhat.]

The prosecution is undecided on whether to pursue the death penalty. Originally, there were thought to be more suspects.

[Time was, seeking the DP would have been a no-brainer. If anything, the suggestion that one man committed so many gruesome crimes against two people while acting alone, amplifies his evil. Ultimately, however, the authorities' recent silence regarding possible accomplices tells us nothing.]


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