Friday, May 21, 2010

A Savage Pack Beating in Rockville, Maryland: An Exchange with Nivius Vir

The great crime blogger, Nivius Vir, posted the above video yesterday. We then had the following exchange at his blog.

Stix: What do you make of the vic, Niv? White non-Hisp, white Hisp, non-white Hisp?

And how about the pc Hispanic guy interviewed who, instead of expressing shock and indignation, like a healthy human being, insists that the place is wonderful. It takes a certain level of education, to be so full of shit, and in that particular style.

Finally, note that the vic didn’t even bother calling the cops. Is that because he’s an illegal, or because he figures the cops are worthless? Last year, in small towns that had had thousands of African refugees dumped on them, and the Africans were targeting whites for beatdowns and robberies, and filming their own crimes, when police got their hands on the video phones, none of the whites had reported the crimes.

To make a short story long, I think that, in addition to the police tactic of “disappearing” crime, whites all over the country, including in formerly crime-free small towns, have given up on the police, as well as their fellow whites, to protect them, and as a result, the massive, nationwide violent crime problem simply bears no relation to the fictional stats we are constantly getting from the Bill Bratton types.

[See my VDARE report, “‘Disappearing’ Urban Crime,” for the deal on the phony “crime-fighting revolution” introduced by Bratton and his ilk.]

Nivius Vir’s response:

Nicholas, this was well put, “It takes a certain level of education, to be so full of shit, and in that particular style.”, along with the rest of your comment.

I myself was trying to determine the identity of the victim as well. I also surmised he might have been Hispanic (possibly illegal) and thus did not contact the police.
What truly makes me shudder, is that as you well know, we are only seeing a glimpse of the real horror show that is playing out daily, on American streets.

I feel you are right about the loss of faith in law enforcement.

I have a great respect for good police officers that try to serve and protect, but I feel they are in many cases, the ones that have been handcuffed: they are being told to pay less or no attention to the habitual criminal behavior of the absurdly disproportionate number of Negros responsible for it.

Racial sensitivity classes will not protect the lives of decent people.

Thanks for the thoughts.

* * *

For anyone who is a student of crime, Nivius Vir is an indispensable blog, whose publisher constantly updates it. I should visit it daily, as a professional necessity, but must confess that some days the casualty list just gets to be too much for me, and I need to escape with a Hollywood classic. (I was initially going to add, “or a ballgame,” but the way my beloved Mets have been playing of late, I expect indictments from Queens DA Richard Brown any day now.)

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