Monday, May 10, 2010

Racist Video!

This was done by a young Australian female who goes by the moniker, “Slant.”

At first I found “Slant” quite fetching, but then realized that if she really were, she wouldn’t wear as much makeup as the average hooker. (Of course, that’s true of most “beautiful” actresses these days.) Still, there’s something undeniably cute and sexy about her, whatever lurks under all that eye makeup, she’s got some talent, and although “Slant openly states her goal of destroying the white race through interbreeding,” I wouldn’t take her too seriously. She’s a young woman on the make trying to sell herself, and in the Western world, it pays handsomely to be an anti-white racist. Or rather, privileged, white, leftist males pay anti-white racists handsomely.

As for her potential offspring, first of all, girls of her ambitions often do not bear children, because they don’t like them and find them an annoying waste of time. Secondly, if she does have any kids, she’ll first have to have enough money to pay an illegal immigrant nanny to care for them, in which case by then she’ll be a bit long in the tooth, and have ingested fertility drugs, and possibly popped out twins.

Granted, there is a good possibility that any children she bears will be fathered by white men, but that will be based on her finding white men more virile and attractive than Orientals. Her ideological routine just functions as a fig leaf, to disguise the ugly truth. For “Slant” and her ilk, not only is the white race the goose that laid the golden egg, but white men are HOT!

(Full disclosure: When I was single, I dated many Asian women, and my wife is of South Asian descent.)

A tip ‘o the hat to Ice People.

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