Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pakistani Taliban Claim Responsibility for Failed Time Square Bombing, so Police Naturally Hunt for “White Man in His 40s”

By Nicholas Stix
Updated at 7:30 p.m., on Sunday, May 2, 2010.

At about 4:15 p.m. today, NPR interrupted its satirical leftwing news show, “Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” which had just been busy misrepresenting Arizona’s SB 1070 as a law dedicated to racially profiling Hispanics, for some “news.” Someone had attempted to blow up a car bomb in Times Square on Saturday (which was certainly news), and seeing as how car bombs have long been a favorite weapon of middle-aged, white American men, the “news” of course reported that police are searching for a “white man in his 40s,” who had been seen taking off his shirt in an alley.

That the reports cited the man’s race was itself striking. Had the police gotten a report of a non-white, the media would have censored that fact, as they almost always do, and alerted the public that police were searching for a “man in his 40s,” leaving the public to try and decode whether that meant a black or a Hispanic man. But since the police report cited a white man, the media are shouting the man’s race from the rooftops.

At Democratic Underground, most posters were unsurprised, seeing as middle-aged white men are responsible for most of the violent crime and terrorism in America.

“Old mark” wrote, “Lives with his mom and does not have a regular job….nt”

“Madokie” chimed in, “I think most of us here had him pegged last night as this was unfolding. So sad that the reasons for him doing this is using our airways to sow the seeds”

“Malaise”: “We were 100% correct. Watching on GEM$NBC,” and eight minutes later, “Thanks Rush Thanks Beck, Thanks Lady Blah Blah”

(At DU, apparently, posters are not permitted to use standard English grammar and punctuation.)

Although Lady Blah Blah Was initially a play on Lady Gaga, it has since been ripped off by leftists, who use it to insult Sarah Palin.

Madokie responded, “Lady Blah Blah got a laugh

“Perfect, lady blah blah the master of the word salad. As KO would say ‘that woman is an idiot’

“This is another incident that can be lain at their feet no doubt and only a fool couldn't see the correlation there”

“Brewens” contributed, “Is this the ‘Teabag Bomber’? n/t,” which spanone immediately echoed: “teabomber.”

“political_dem,” whose icon is one of the characters from Aaron McGruder’s racist black cartoon, The Boondocks, does his bit to enlighten, “Now who says that the Teabaggers are simply ‘grass roots’?”

“Now, I wonder if Rush, Hannity and the rest of the ilk will admit they are “pallin’ around with terrorists.”

Old guy: “How old is Glen Beck?

“Does he have an alibi?”

To any readers who may naïvely think to themselves, “They’re just kidding,” the lefties at places like DU and DailyKos do not kid.

When Little Rock news anchor Anne Pressly was raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered, posters at the Daily Kos blog seriously argued that Ann Coulter fans had done it, based solely on Pressly’s having played a character meant to insult Coulter in an Oliver Stone propaganda piece. When it turned out that a black racist named Curtis Lavelle Vance was Pressly’s assailant, the posters simply moved on to their next lies.

There was, however, one poster on the DU thread with a sense of humor:

Slackmaster: “I'm so glad I'm not in my forties any more

“I don't get blamed for nearly as much stuff.”

(The other giveaway that he didn’t belong at DU was his ending a sentence with a period.)

By the way, I just want to shout “say, hey!” to Boosgate hoaxmeister Tom Hays, who is still employed at the Associated Press, and co-authored their “white man in his 40s” report.

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