Monday, July 02, 2018

Trial in Deadly Attack of University of Texas Freshman to Last No Longer than 2 Weeks


Race war victim Haruka Weiser, 18, was a freshman dance major

By A Texas Reader

A judge ruled that the suspect's trial may not last longer than two weeks. Meechaiel Criner is accused of killing an 18-year-old University of Texas at Austin student in 2016.


Suspected war criminal Meechaiel Criner enhanced UT’s diversity. Since he was only 17 at the time that he allegedly raped and murdered Haruka Weiser, justice is off the table, should he be convicted. Indeed, since the presiding judge has thrown out the main DNA evidence, he may even walk.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
This was a local girl and I remember our local media gave it insultingly brief coverage. Local TV stations gave it one or two token mentions and disappeared it, the Big "O" ran 4 features in which the negro perp was only briefly mentioned, except one where the headline was this: Haruka Weiser and Meechaiel Criner lived divergent lives, friends and family say

Here is the article itself:

Yes, The victim was born with the proverbial spoon in her mouth (so deserved it) and the perp couldn't help it because of circumstances in life that weren't his fault. Basically it's a typical pity piece the Oregonian runs when negro's commit heinous crimes. Not to mention they only ran his photo one time that I saw, if you weren't paying attention you wouldn't even know the perp was black. Meechaiel (oh that creativity with names) Criner is described as having the mental capacity of a 10 year old (maybe, but that comes from his uncle who also says this:

Leo Criner said his nephew, Meechaiel, was bullied throughout his childhood in Texarkana, Texas, and has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old.

"I refuse to believe he just maliciously killed this young lady," the uncle said in a phone interview from Texarkana, where he lives. "This kid don't know nothing about killing. His mind don't compute like that."

Yup, we know how that works, facts don't matter, he don't believe no matter what the facts are, next step is he's framed coz' he a black man.

Yes, he was abused and abandoned by parents and living in the foster system, blah blah... As if it's all an excuse. But you know what? Many people have been through terrible lives and don't commit rape and murder.

Here is another Oregonian feature in which Criner's lawyer, Ariel Payan (male lawyer with uncertain ethnicity, but not white) assures us that poor Meechaiel is doing OK in prison:
This article is a set up for the pity piece above by making Criner seem like a "victim", at the end it also refers to the 1966 mass shooting on the campus by a white man, Charles Whitman. WTF??? What does that have to do with a black man raping and murdering a young white/asian girl? Obviously, it's a chaperone story, designed to inject a white killer into the story to deflect attention away from a negro murderer.

I tried to research a little about David Wahlberg, the sitting judge, I couldn't find a lot on him but there were a few mentions of notable decisions he's made and it's clear he's some kind of diversity operative. His most famous case was declaring that laws against same sex marriages were unconstitutional and ordering a marriage certificate be issued to a lesbian couple in defiance of state law:

So we have an ethnic lawyer and diversity ideologue of a judge on this case of a negro male raping and murdering a white/asian female, plus a media that is only barely covering the case and cultivating sympathy for the perp when it does. What are the odds he's going to get off or receive a token diversity sentence of some kind?

Anonymous said...

Rape and murder. Under age killer. What else?

No hope now or ever perhaps. Just slow and steady decline forever.

Anonymous said...

Jerrypdx,the strange thing about newspapers and periodicals like "Time" and "Newsweek" supporting black behavior,is I'd estimate,not even 1% of the blacks nationwide purchase newspaper or magazine subscriptions.You'd think that these rags would have no interest in taking the black thug's side,based on who butters their bread--WHITES!
My local paper will eventually go belly up,because of white flight.The whites liked a daily newspaper delivered on their doorstep.They're gone.Blacks,more than likely,can't read the paper,first of all,and don't have the funds for it,second of all(since the GR Press doesn't take EBT cards--welfare/food stamps--as payment).
No loss imho,the local "Press" is as liberal as Rep Ocasio Cortez.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Most blacks can at least sound out the headlines and certainly watch the lurid TV new reports which only present a shallow and usually politically correct version of events. That means it's headlines that dictate what they believe, something the media moguls understand quite well.
Just imagine if the headlines were all you saw, then it's: Saintly blacks being attacked by racist whites on the street every second of the day, and when they aren't attacking them, they're spraying hate graffiti all over the place; Immigrant children locked up in cages after being physically ripped from the arms of their parents; 11 yr. old blacks being shot by cops every day (remember the Treyvon headlines?); White men in power sexually groping, harassing or assaulting women every time you turn around (well black men too, but they aren't as bad as whitey).
Childish simplistic headlines appeal to negro's and the media is happy to oblige. For what ultimate purpose? I've got plenty of theories but could go on all day....