Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hate Crime Murder of 75-Year-Old White Man in Minneapolis; Police and MSM in Cover-Up Mode


Suspected war criminal, Leroy Davis-Miles. According to the Red Star-Tribine, the police have so far refused to release a picture of the vic.

By An Old Friend
Tue, Nov 12, 2019 10:25 p.m.

N.S.: The Red Star-Tribine called the murder an "altercation," as if the vic and the perp had both decided to throw down.

Since the killing was premeditated and and racially motivated, it was Murder One and a hate crime, but the charge will start at either Man 1 or Murder Two, with no hate crime, and go down from there. The racist killer might even get assault. In New York, a murder like that gets charged as third-degree, misdemeanor assault.

"Man, 75, Dies after Attack, Disagreement on Metro Transit Bus, Minneapolis Police Say."


Anonymous said...

75 year old white guys(women too) should not have to be within 5 miles of a black.After a long life of being productive,whites shouldn't have to worry about this kind of stuff happening.This includes no black nurses or in-home social workers, no retirement home personnel who are black--you don't know which black will try to rob or kill you.These subjects must be discussed.

Anonymous said...

Senior citizen killed by am much younger man. That calls for normally three times the amount of punishment. But will not be so. It addition to hate crime.

Anonymous said...

Read the details. The vic was pursued. Attacked in a purposeful manner. Not even second degree murder.

Those people ARE so very loud. They developed that way in the jungles where you cannot see far. To communicate you must use loud vocalizations.

Anonymous said...

According to the Star Tribune article "Man, 75, killed in Metro Transit bus attack is identified," the victim of the black savages was named Shirwa Hassan Jibril.