Sunday, November 10, 2019

Fwd: Mauldin: How China Plans To Take Over The US

By R.C.
Sun, Nov 10, 2019 7:56 p.m.

Mauldin: How China Plans To Take Over The US


Anonymous said...

Chinese recipe for taking over the U.S.
Build as many Chinese restaurants in the possible,to keep track of the declining ratio of whites vs blacks and Mex(this has been going on for decades).Who better to secretly watch the change in population than Chinese restaurants? Wait until whitey is vanquished by demographics(and the sheer insanity of not fighting back against genocide).
When white customers stop showing up--the Chinese will figure out,there aren't many whites left(probably NONE,since whites LOVE Chinese food)--time to attack.
The blacks and Mex in the U.S.will both be in a stampede--racing each other to Mexico to avoid the same extermination from China,that they themselves,unleashed on whites.China then floods the now empty United States with 20 million chinks.So easy,a Chinese caveman could do it.
The End

Anonymous said...

This article is just plain wrong. Look up the writings of brilliant economist Ian Fletcher--especially his book Free Trade Doesn't Work. Fletcher shows how tariffs enabled the US to grow from a country dependent on foreign products to the greatest economy in the world. Free trade has been reversing this. Note that the Asian tiger economies have not practiced free trade. There are literally hundreds of methods of preventing foreign products from entering and they have mastered them. Fletcher shows how trade deficits DO matter. A banana republic is one in which raw materials--including agricultural products are exported while manufactured items are imported. We need permanent across the board tariffs to end dependency on Chinese products. The globalist establishment wants to continue enriching themselves at the expense of the country. Trump needs to put permanent tariffs on China.