Friday, November 15, 2019

Feds Charge, Detain [Mexican] Attacker, Carjacker

By A Texas Reader
Thu, Nov 14, 2019 9:52 pm

"My family can now relax," says Statler beating victim after feds charge, detain attacker

A judge granted the request of federal authorities to keep David Cadena "detained pending trial."

ATR: Another Mexican piece of s--t.


Anonymous said...

There is no current 'justice' - in any US court - that will make this woman 'whole' again, despite the bullshit printed in this article: 'Thankfully, King expects no serious long-term effects. However, over a month later she said that she's still having concussion-like symptoms'.
Yeah, no shit, getting your skull almost caved-in with a deadly weapon might do that.
More bullshit: 'King said she'd never seen Cadena or met him before. It's not clear why he may have singled her out.'
Anyone reading this blog - or the news, anywhere - wrt this attack, and thousands annually like it - knows exactly the reason why.
Note the smirk on this f*cks face in his booking photos: it is of someone confident in the 'judicial outcome' of whatever happens next in the courts or the jails.
He looks like someone who knows he got away with almost murdering 'the white bitch', and his life will be protected.
There used to be a time that he wouldn't be walking this Earth 72 hrs after his release - especially in Texas.

Anonymous said...

A beating of that sort with a fire extinguisher is using lethal force. Attempted murder.