Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Variation on "black-black, blacketty-black-black": Black Imbecile Prof Got Caught being a Raving Racist in His Classroom, and Encouraging Racism in His Students

By An Old Friend
Thu, Nov 14, 2019 12:24 a.m.

A variation on "black-black, blacketty-black-black"

AOF: The debate instructor Ryan Wash is black.  Not sure how I stumbled upon this, but it's consistent with what Michael Levin said about blacks' disordered minds in his review of Randall Robinson's book The Debt.


Anonymous said...

"post-traumatic slave disorder"

Sure. Like soldiers in combat who are distressed. They cannot control themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Thus, all whities should be sent on a one-way-trip to continue their deep-space exploration and find a new home,"

Good idea. Maybe that is what whitey needs. Get away from THEM.