Thursday, March 01, 2018

How the San Francisco Chronicle Lied about the Nation of Islam’s Zebra Murders


“ZEBRAMURDER-22APR1974-SE - Mayor Joe Alioto, on his way to his card outside of City Hall. Protesters of the Zebra Murders, holding signs, follow him.”

By Nicholas Stix

First, note that the caption writer misspelled car as “card.” But that’s not the half of it. The people with signs were not “protesters of the Zebra Murders”; they were supporters of the NOI Zebra murderers! They were protesting the SFPD’s efforts to catch the genocidal, black killers. And one black supremacist was holding her sign upside down!

At the time, it was common knowledge that black supremacists and their leftwing accomplices supported race war, but that is no longer the case.

At the San Francisco Chronicle (2006).


Anonymous said...

Here's another black thug on white female murder.The story is from the local TV station website.
MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Va. -- A 23-year-old man was charged with the murder of missing Middlesex mother TerriLynn St. John, hours after he led detectives to her body.

Alvin B. Keyser is charged with first-degree murder and concealing a dead body, so far, but officers said there could be more charges.

St. John's body was discovered around 9 a.m., about one mile from her home on Mill Wharf Road. Her body was covered with leaves along Barricks Mill Road in Pine Top, Virginia.

Alvin Bernard Keyser

Keyser, investigators said, knew both St. John and the father of St. John's two children. He led detectives to St. John's body Thursday morning.

“Keyser stated to detectives he confronted St. John at her residence about statements that were made about Keyser. Keyser stated that St. John struck him, and he struck her back he then pushed her out of the van Keyser was driving,” said Middlesex Sheriff's Major Michael Sampson in a statement.

Investigators: ‘Too soon to say’ if missing mom was abducted from home
St. John got into the van willing. Her children, age three and one, were inside the home at the time. Investigators say Keyser admitted that he pushed St. John out of the van, continued to hit her, and strangled her until she stopped breathing.

“Keyser then stated he loaded her in the van and put her body in the woods down from her residence,” Sampson said.

He also admitted that certain items at the original crime scene were his.

Keyser is being held without bond at the Middle Peninsula Regional Security Center and will make his first court appearance on Monday, March 5.

The Middlesex Sheriff's office said they investigated Keyser after someone posted on social media about a statement Keyser previously made.

"The closure on this is not good closure, but it is closure," Sampson said, and he thanked multiple law enforcement agencies, social media tipsters, and the news media for their help with information.

At a press conference, the sheriff's office said more charges are expected and more people will be interviewed.

St. John was living with her boyfriend at the time of her disappearance. Earlier police said he was among the persons of interested being interviewed following her disappearance.
GRA:What they AREN'T saying is whether she was involved with blacks on a regular basis or this was a random occurrance.
--GR Anonymous

Chicago guy said...

There's a conspiracy of silence regarding cases like this and all others down the years, too numerous to count. Apparently the elite whites who live sheltered and well protected lives have decided that the mass of peons out there shouldn't know too much about what actually goes on. They wouldn't make a movie about this unless they could shoehorn a black hero-genius into a role whereby he saves the day. The problem is not just the feral segment of the black population that's a hazard but also that segment of the white population that are enablers and run interference for the predators. The SJW-goodwhite types are largely to blame for the current situation.

Anonymous said...

"And one black supremacist was holding her sign upside down!"

Someone might even be so bold and rash to say: "stupid illiterate shine" but it is best not to do so.