Sunday, July 02, 2017

Racist, Black, Mass Shooter “Dr.” Henry Bello Had Committed Felony Attempted Rape, but Through Criminal Justice Affirmative Action, was Only Charged with a Misdemeanor, and Always Got Jobs Through AA

By Jerry PDX
Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 11:18:00 A.M. EDT

More info on black mass shooter Henry Bello.

Excerpts from the article:

“Surely, a career high point for Dr. Bello was his graduation in 2010 from the Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, an island in the Caribbean — despite its reputation as a fallback for students who cannot earn admission to medical schools in the United States. But there were troubling signs for Dr. Bello before that.”

“Born Henry Williams Obotetukudo, Dr. Bello lived in California off and on from 1991 until 2006. It was unclear if he was born in the United States, but he obtained a Social Security card in his late teens. Records showed that, in 2000, he filed for bankruptcy in Santa Barbara, Calif., when he would have been in his late 20s. He obtained his license as a pharmacy technician in California in 2006.”

“A serious brush with the law occurred in New York City in 2004, when he was arrested and charged with sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment. A 23-year-old woman told the police that he grabbed her on Bleecker Street in Manhattan, and tried to penetrate her through her underwear. Court records revealed that Dr. Bello pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment in the second degree, a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to community service.”

One has to wonder how much his race helped with his “career” as a physician. Clearly not cut out for the job, he was somehow still able to acquire jobs, despite people having reservations about him. The man was a walking stereotype, loud and aggressive toward people, sexual assault and harassment allegations, underlying rage issues that boiled over at the slightest provocation, interpersonal problems and questions about his competency. If a white person had these issues would they have been allowed to get as far as Bello or been shut down well before their frustrations exploded into murder and mass attempted murder? Whites are pressured to overlook red flags with negroes and hire them or pass them along, in order to appease the diversity agenda.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I just caught the road rage killing of the young black girl, terrible thing to happen but it's bye bye Bello story. So convenient for the media, they don't have to come up with their own distraction now. The news bit I caught states the police did not think it's a hate crime but we'll see how it plays out.

Basso e Grasso said...

After the first Civil War, the Negro Problem was abated by legal segregation, which existed to some extent in the North as well as the South. Now that blacks have had 50 years of free rein and special treatment, the winners of the next civil was will have to tackle the issue in a much more brutal manner.

Anonymous said...

Bello,rhymes with Jello,which Bill Cosby endorsed.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

"Whites are pressured to overlook red flags with negroes and hire them or pass them along, in order to appease the diversity agenda. "

Exactly, and the "diversity agenda" is nothing less than the slow boiling pot of extinction for white European culture.


America's Least Wanted said...

Reminds me of all the "warning signs" deliberately over-looked in the case of the AA Black TV reporter who went from job-to-job and finally murdered those two white co-workers at the Virginia TV station live...All pretty much down the Memory Hole.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Remember the "hot felon"? You ran a piece on him some time ago. Guess what? He's left his wife and now is with an "heiress" named Chloe Green.
If she's stupid enough to marry him, what do you think the odds are she'll be found floating in the water?

Anonymous said...

No Lesta tonight and no Pennsylvania road rage story.Filling in,was whitey,Peter Alexander.He,apparently didn't see the need to air that one--though MSNBC saturated the airwaves yesterday with plenty of coverage.I never expected to see a white guy fill in today on Negro Nightly News.
Did it make a difference on which stories they decided to show?Very good question.
--GR Anonymous