Thursday, July 06, 2017

Hate Center in Michigan! Crime in Petoskey: Murders, Rapes, Robberies, Assaults, Burglaries, Thefts, Auto Thefts, Arson, Law Enforcement Employees, Police Officers, Crime Map

By An Old Friend from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

As you know, Petoskey is identified as a “hate” center by the SPLC.

N.S.: The following site, City Data, is full of information it gleaned from the Census Bureau.

Sites like City Data are essential adjuncts to the real estate industry. They tell you which zip codes to avoid moving to, because they are Third World hellholes. Moving into the wrong neighborhood could not only cost you your peace of mind and your sleep, but your life.

Until a number of years ago, there was no need for such Websites, because any realtor worth his salt would steer you away from bad neighborhoods, if you were white, and steer you towards them, if you were black.

(It wasn’t to harm blacks, but to keep them from harming whites.)

When I moved into an apartment in Italian (and mob)-dominated Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, in April, 1986, where I planned on subletting a bedroom, the Italian realtor’s last words to me were: “You’re a liberal. I can tell. Remember, no spics or niggers.”

Racist organizations then started putting realtors out of business for doing their job (steering). That made the sort of information these Websites provide all the more important. But then a law was passed that prohibited realtors from providing clients with potentially life-saving information.

The law was unconstitutional, because it violated realtors’ First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

A few years ago, Bill Gates’ Microsoft developed an app to warn drivers to avoid murderous neighborhoods. The black supremacist NAACP went on the warpath, and intimidated Gates out of producing the app. The NAACP’s only possible motivation was to get whites and Asians robbed, raped, maimed and murdered.

As for Hate, Inc., aka the SPLC, if it condemns an area for "hate," you can be sure that it's the safest, most peaceful and civilized place around. Hate Inc. never condemns truly racist, hateful, ultraviolent places like Detroit, Flint, etc.

The way things are going, the real estate Websites will be next to be banned.

City Data on Petoskey.


Anonymous said...

" But, as of 2015, almost 180 U.S. school districts, 44 of them in Mississippi, were involved in active desegregation cases."

Even decades after they have known for a fact that measures such as desegregation, integration and busing just do not work they persist. It is just a fact the colored students do badly under all and any circumstances, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

"the Italian realtor’s last words to me were: 'You’re a liberal. I can tell. Remember, no spics or niggers.'”

Or else. You'se will be taught a lesson. Who can fault the Italians? They have what is theirs and they want to keep it theirs.