Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump Voter: We Did Not Sign Up for This

By Anonymous
Friday, April 7, 2017 at 1:52:00 P.M. EDT

As a Trump voter and donor to his campaign, I am disappointed in Trump. We elected Trump to drain the swamp, but more and more, it appears THE SWAMP IS DRAINING TRUMP. Is he incompetent, or does some liberal like Ivanka have his ear?

In any case, he has appointed a long string of officials who are not on board with the agenda Trump campaigned on.

He pushed for SwampCare by traitor Paul Ryan—which would have done nothing to address the enormous rise in health insurance premiums since the enactment of ObamaCare—our health insurance increased to almost three times the former cost.

Trump has allowed DACA to remain in place.

Trump has failed to stand up to the illegal actions of judges—making immigration policy hostage to whatever little judge decides to rule against it. These judges have set a precedent so that virtually anything Trump does can be overruled by judges—like the wall.

If we had wanted this kind of President, we would have elected JEB!


Anonymous said...

I only have two words regarding the Syrian civil war--stay out.
If there's one thing we should have learned from Vietnam is,if a country is going to go communist,an outside nation will not change that and has no right to.The destiny is up to the people.Vietnam's civil war was not benefitted by our involvement--it only delayed the inevitable.Now we trade freely with them.
"Well it's a one,two,three,what are we fighting for?"
I never read in my history books about our Civil War being interfered with by China,Russia or the like.The American people fought their homeland war free from what we have attempted to do in many countries.
Let them solve their own conflicts.Of course the caveat today is...Russia's already involved--backing Assad.They need to be out also.That's the imperative and the crucial item to be solved.
"Don't ask me,I don't give a stop is Vietnam."
It's very possible Trump will drown in his own swamp of Goldman Sachs and the like.
And certainly,when you see McCain and Graham showering praise on anything you do,you probably fu*ked up.
Well,it was fun while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

Yep Trump, whom I voted for, I didn't really have any choice, has made his own swamp with people who would have hung him if they could have and I know in my heart these people who he has named to important positions in his administration voted for Hillary. Trump is just another blowhard, and he is just as controlled by the dark state as the next politician. He has an administration that Hillary would have named if she had been elected, with the exception of Sessions.